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Home Schooling

The New York State Education Department provides parents with the ability to instruct their children at home, Part 100.10 Regulations. A letter outlining the parent’s wish and intent to home school a child must be received in Pupil Services in July and August of each school year. The request is for an entire school year, September through June. Intent to Home School letters and IHIP will be accepted throughout the school year.
An Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) should accompany the letter of intent, but may
be received by the District within 4 weeks of the letter. The Intent to Home school
letter must include:
Student name and date of birth of each child
Address and phone number of parents
Emergency contact information – name, relationship, address, phone number
The last school name and grade the student completed
E-mail address for parents.
A Student ID number if available
The Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) must include syllabi, curriculum materials and
textbooks to be used or a plan of instruction to be followed, and include the amount of hours
taught each quarter (see Home School forms)
Upon receipt of the Letter of Intent to Home School a child, please be advised the following documents to be sent to Student Support Services Department.

____ First Quarter Report due on or about November 15 
____ Second Quarter Report due on or about February 15 
____ Third Quarter Report due on or about April 15 
____ Fourth Quarter and Final Report due on or about June 15 

All quarterly reports will identify the syllabi, curriculum materials, or plan of instruction used in
each subject required for that grade level and the total number of hours of instruction during the quarter.

Physical education is required at each grade level.

Students with limited English proficiency must have instruction in English.

A high school diploma may only be awarded to a student enrolled in a registered secondary
school, who has completed all program requirements set by the Regents or the District.

A letter of Substantial Equivalence may be provided by the District where all required documents
are on file with the District and all documents and evaluations are in compliance with Commissioners Regulations 100.10.
You can view the SCSD homeschool packet here.

For more information on Home Instruction visit:
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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