ITC Smart Scholars Speak Out!

     Published on 10/14/16   Tagged under:    Academics    ITC   

Quotes from Current OCC Smart Scholars
"I enjoy being in a classroom filled with students that are making a choice to come to learn. It helps move the class along when there are less distractions."
Solomon Lawrence
?"I am adjusting to college life and OCC has helped me improve as a student."
 Shakir Clarke
"My professors are really good and the y are helping understand what college is all about which will help me next year."
Phuong Nguyen
"The OCC classes are not super difficult, but they are not easy. You have to stay on your game if you want to pass the exams."
The Ngo
"Overall, I am satisified with the program. This firsthand experience is a great way of preparing. This is preparing me for life in college a lot better than just hearing about what to do."
Sam Cosentino
OCC has been so good at conditioning me to work of college."
Shakir Clarke
"My OCC classes have taught me that college is different than high school. You have more responsibilities that the professors don't hold your hand about." 
Tran Ngo
"This program will allow me to end my high school  career with opportunities not given to everyone, so what my duty is, is to take advantage of this opportunity and to use it for my life to come. This will definitely be life-changing and I'll use that to start my life."
 Ahmed Althour

Quotes from Past OCC Smart Scholars:
“The credits certainly helped and put me ahead of most freshman students” 
Remember Patience, Class of 2016, Le Moyne College
“I would say Smart Scholars prepared me for the pace and workload of college.  Without Smart Scholars, college may have been twice as difficult to grasp at first” 
Patrick Marsch, Class of 2016, Syracuse University
“It helped prepare me by letting me know what professors expect of students and that its up to us to get our work done because you don’t have a teacher  who is making sure you get your assignments done on time or cares if you fail their class” 
Andrew Dirnhofer, Class of 2016, SUNY Geneseo
“Smart Scholars gave me the ability to deal with stressful situations such as the transition from high school to college and how to talk to your teacher professionally.” 
Najah Acosta, Class of 2016, SUNY Cortland
“If I had not been in Smart Scholars, my college experience would have been completely different.  I feel that this program has let me be way more prepared than the other incoming freshman.  This is due to the fact that the program teaches you great life lessons including time management.  If I had not been in the smart scholars program then I would be struggling so much more with time management.  In college you make your own choices for when you do assignments.  I am forever grateful to the smart scholars program and forever in debt to Mr. Piraino.”   
Anthony Stachnik, Class of 2016, SUNY Albany

Smart Scholars helped me experience what college was really going to be like.  It was an opportunity to get a feel for college.  It helped me realize that you’re on your own.  No one is going to force you to go to class and professors aren’t going to beg you to hand in the work.  I’m glad I have the experience because now that I’m in college I know how everything works from picking classes to how using blackboard
Brianna Rogala, Class of 2016, SUNY Cortland