OCC Professor Helps McKinley-Brighton Students Create Journals

     Published on 10/20/16   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    McKinley-Brighton Elementary School   

“Repeat after me,” Meredith Cantor-Feller instructed. “If I write it down, I’m one step closer to getting it done!”
The Coordinator of the Onondaga Community College Photography Program and Interim Dean of Visual, Performing & Applied Arts met with third graders in Ms. Keesler’s third grade class to help them make their own journals.
Students selected a colored paper for their journal’s cover, and then decorated it with drawings and notes of things they love or aspire to do. When finished, they moved to a laminating station where their covers were given an added layer of protection. They worked with Ms. Cantor-Feller to glue a notepad on the inside back cover, creating their very own journal.
“Now no one will know my most secret stories,” Khayla Williams exclaimed. “I like to write because it’s fun and you can practice spelling and learn more words!”
“I’m writing that I want to be a cop when I grow up,” classmate Aiden Beech said. “I want to help the world and put the bad guys in jail.”
“I want to be a teacher one day, so I can teach people to learn more,” Derricka Trotman added. “I’m going to use my journal to write about what I’ll do when I’m a teacher and how everyone should be nice to the other students.”
Thank you to OCC for partnering with our McKinley-Brighton students to help bring learning to life!