Dr. Weeks Student Joins National Young Scholar Society

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Adam Lobdell is about to have a summer to remember. Lobdell, who will be a fifth grade student in the fall at Dr. Weeks Elementary School, is a member of this year’s National Young Scholar Society, thanks to the nomination of his fourth-grade teacher, Brad Seidman.

Seidman nominated Lobdell – whom he calls a “dream student” – for the honor and was thrilled to hear when Lobdell was accepted. The youngster will participate in a week-long program of math, science and engineering for fourth- through eighth-grade students at Villanova University in Philadelphia next month.

“He’s a scholarly student,” Seidman says. “He works really hard. He was a leader in the classroom, always quick to solve problems.”
Lobdell is a perfect candidate for the Young Scholar program and should thrive in the intense learning environment, Seidman says.
“He’s a student every teacher dreams of having,” Seidman says.

Some of the activities Lobdell will participate in at Villanova include a “CSI”-type crime scene investigation, a study of the human body and the brain and construction of a gravity-powered car.

The program also focuses on “team building, character building, communication, problem solving and goal setting,” Seidman says.
The experience costs $3,000 for the week, Seidman says. The program provided a $1,000 grant (thanks to some negotiating by Seidman) and staff and students at Dr. Weeks helped fundraise $750 for Lobdell through a candy bar sale. Several teachers and staff also chipped in to help Lobdell pay for the experience, Seidman says.

Lobdell and his mother will stay in Philadelphia for the week – giving both an opportunity to fully experience the program, Villanova and the city, Seidman says.

“He’s been going around telling everyone how excited he is and what he’s going to do,” Seidman says. “His mom can’t wait for what he’s going to do down there. I told her that she needs to send pictures to my cell phone of what he’s doing down there and then she has to call me later to tell me all about the experience.”