Corcoran Cougars Success Academy Helps Motivate Freshmen

     Published on 11/2/16   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    Corcoran High School   

“Every single person in here is amazing. You matter!”
‘Hard as Nails’ Executive Director Justin Fatica gave a rousing motivational speech to Corcoran students to kick off the school’s Corcoran Cougars Success Academy. Intended to help students find a focus as they come to school each day, to encourage a discussion around how to be successful in school and to engage students in discovering what life after high school and college might entail, the school’s freshman class enjoyed a morning of enrichment as upperclassmen took PSAT and SAT tests.
After speaking with students about obstacles placed in their way, how to take the high road and more, Fatica encouraged the students to hug students or teachers they appreciated or they felt they had previously wronged.
“Wow,” one teacher exclaimed as tears ran down her cheeks. “A kid just came up and hugged me. I don’t even know who he is!”
“He was a real inspiration,” freshman Anahja Delee said of Mr. Fatica’s remarks. “He made some of us cry! It was uplifting because he didn’t know us but he supported us and sometimes we don’t feel like we have a lot of support.”
Students also had the opportunity to visit a career fair of sorts, featuring representatives from Channel 5, Champions Karate, Halco Energy, the District Attorney’s Office, Hillside, Contact Community Services, Common Councilor Susan Boyle and others. The professionals spoke with students about their jobs and answered student questions.
“It’s helping us find careers,” Anahja added, noting that she wants to be a psychologist. “It’s fun to have some freedom and to know that [our administrators] trust us!”
Good luck to all of the Corcoran freshmen as they continue their studies and work to Go for the Gold! 

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