Danforth Students Launch High Altitude Weather Balloon

     Published on 11/8/16   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    Danforth Magnet School   

Danforth students received an exciting science lesson as they launched a high altitude weather balloon at the school’s football field.
While attending a Fall Technology Conference at SUNY Oswego, Technology teacher Joe Dottolo heard of the weather balloon project and thought it would help bring learning to life for his students.
Students who attend CCamp, a mentoring program with O’Brien and Gere, worked in small groups to take part in their own balloon-related task. Some prepared the balloon’s Go Pro camera, some the GPS tracking device, some the flight computer with weather tracking system and more.
“The students gained some hands-on knowledge in building the balloon, as well as a huge sense of accomplishment for sending a balloon into space,” Mr. Dottolo explained. “To make it fly, we had to improvise and remove the Go Pro camera, but it was a great success because we accomplished our goal of sending it into space – and it had a great flight!”
The balloon traveled past Long Island and was last tracked in the Atlantic Ocean. Mr. Dottolo said that in hopes of someone finding the tracking devices and returning them to the school, he has been in touch with the Navy and the Coast Guard! If and when the school receives the data from the balloon’s flight, sixth to eighth grade science teachers will examine the temperature, altitude and precipitation data within their classrooms.
Congratulations to this group of scientists at Danforth on their impressive accomplishment!