Van Duyn Shows Off Costumes in Redhouse Shareformance!

     Published on 11/14/16   Tagged under:    Van Duyn Elementary School   

Redhouse is a partner with Van Duyn Elementary School. They bring arts to the classroom with units in theatre, music, dance, costume, etc. When a unit is complete the students share what they have learned and create a Shareformance. The costume unit Shareformance was on Thursday, November 10th. Students had been immersed in the costume unit for this past month, with each grade level learning about a different topic. The unit ended with students creating a costume about something from that topic. Fifth grade learned about fractions. Fourth grade learned about states of matter. Third grade learned about the rainforest. Second grade learned about the different states in the USA. First grade learned about parts of speech. Kindergarten learned about patterns and Pre-K learned about emotions.

Redhouse built a runway for students to model their costumes on. Every student who created a costume got to walk the runway and show off their ‘vantastic’ costume. Check out some of the amazing costumes below!