Roberts Students Learn Importance of Anti-Bullying from SU Athletes

     Published on 11/16/16   Tagged under:    District News    Roberts preK-8 School   

Sixth through eighth grade students at Roberts learned about the importance of anti-bullying from Syracuse University athletes. Members of the men’s and women’s basketball teams spoke with students about their experiences being bullied as youngsters and their advice for dealing with bullies.
Evan Dourdas spoke about a medical condition, alopecia, which caused him to lose his hair as a teenager and led to him being teased by his peers. “A lot of people face things in life,” Evan said. “You don’t know what other people are going through, so be nice to everyone. It’s hurtful when people say things about you when they don’t know about your situation. Everyone wants to fit in, and we should all be treated with respect.”
He introduced a friend he met, a Roberts student with the same condition, and encouraged her peers to treat her with respect.
Women’s basketball star Alexis Peterson spoke of how she was bullied in middle school for being new to a school, and for being a student athlete. “People wanted to make me feel inferior because of that,” she said. “Bullying is very serious, but it’s not something to be afraid of or ashamed of. If you see someone being bullied, it’s your responsibility to speak up. Be nice to each other, be a good friend and be a good person… it builds character.”
Teammate Brittany Sykes spoke of how she was bullied for being the only sixth grader on her middle school’s basketball team. “If you feel like someone is picking on you, go tell a grown up. It’s okay,” she said. “I told my coach and parents… the biggest thing I learned is that you’re not alone.”
The student athletes ended their visit by answering questions about everything from bullying to their SU basketball experiences, the Final Four and more. Thank you to Evan, Alexis and Brittany for taking the time to share the important message of anti-bullying with our students!