Delaware Students Become ‘Snowflake Scientists’ with Baltimore Woods

     Published on 12/6/16   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    Delaware Academy School    Delaware Primary   

“Water! Juice! Coffee! Soda! Milk!”
First graders at Delaware Primary shouted out items that are considered liquids, part of a lesson on solids and liquids presented by Baltimore Woods Nature Center.
In theme with winter weather, Baltimore Woods Environmental Educator Margaret Foley brought snow with her as she spoke with the students! The class learned about how temperature can affect the state of matter by working together to hypothesize what would happen to snow when heat is added.
They read “Snowflake Bentley,” a book about William Bentley, the first person to photograph a snowflake. Students learned that all snowflakes have six sides, are symmetrical and that each one is different. To wrap up the lesson, students made their own ‘snowflake catchers’ and used magnifying glasses to observe crystals, in lieu of snowflakes.
“My favorite part of sharing NITC programs like Snowflake Bentley with Syracuse City School students in general is being able to share my passion for the outdoors with students in a very hands-on way,” Ms. Foley explained. “Programs like Snowflake Bentley help students interact with an environmental topic in a way that they have never interacted with it. By becoming snowflake scientists and observing snowflakes like Willie Bentley, they learned even more about something that seems so familiar to all of us! Hopefully the lesson inspired them to see beauty in the simple, everyday things that surround us.”
As students examined the crystals in class, they were already excited to try their new skills outside.
“I’m going to go catch snowflakes now!” one student exclaimed. “I can’t wait for it to snow!”
Thank you to Baltimore Woods Nature Center for leading such a fun, educational activity!