ITC Teen Institute Achieves Goal!

     Published on 12/13/16   Tagged under:    Community Service    Extra-Curricular    ITC   

ITC Teen Institute members’ No. 1 goal from this year’s annual conference was to raise awareness about drunk and distracted driving among the school’s 9th-graders.
Consider the goal achieved!
Last week the Teen Institute students split into two teams and led the ninth-graders in icebreaker and awareness activities about drunk and distracted driving.  50 students signed pledges that they would speak up if the driver of the car they are in is texting and driving!  However, their work did not stop there as they lead the 9th-graders in team building activities while teaching them about a variety of health and safety topics.

ITC Contact Student Assistance Program Counselor, Cindy Squillace works regularly with the Teen Institute students on events that promote positive change within the school and community.

To see more photos from the event please click here.