Grant Students Become Composers, Create Their Own Music

     Published on 1/11/17   Tagged under:    Academics    Grant Middle School   

Grant Middle School students rotate through classroom stations in a project where they are composing their own music.Students in Sara Morey’s music classroom at Grant Middle School rotate through a keyboard station, a lyric station, a score set-up station and a teacher-led station… all part of a project in which they are composing their own songs.
“When I was little, I wrote songs, but this is the first time I’ve done it in school,” seventh grader Kristen Nguyen said. “I like to write about things that happen to people. This song is about being lost and finding your own way.”
Students first learned some music basics, like melody, harmony, note names, the use of the staff, rhythm, harmonic structure and more. Then, they combined this knowledge to work on their own compositions.
“This project is pushing most of my students out of their comfort zone,” Ms. Morey explained. “It has been a great way for students to not only express themselves by being very creative musically, but also has developed their music theory skills and their ears. Plus, it’s a way for them to have fun taking everything we’ve learned and putting it together in a useful way.”
Brian Huynh’s song was about adoption. Sitting at a keyboard with a notebook in his lap, he diligently flipped back and forth between his hand-written lyrics and a page on which he recorded the notes that would correspond with his words.
“I wanted to write something that stuck with people so they’d remember it,” Brian said. “I just thought of sad melodies and then matched the words to it. The hardest part is trying to relate the words to the notes. I’m nervous because I don’t know what my classmates will think, but I’m proud of it!”
With their original compositions complete, students had the option to perform for their classmates. Congratulations to all of our new composers on their works of art!