Ed Smith Mini Academy Helps Students Become Filmmakers

     Published on 1/17/17   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    Ed Smith   

“Quiet on set!”
“I need a set decorator over here!”
As part of a four-week mini academy, third through fifth grade students at Ed Smith learned the basics of filmmaking, from script writing and camera work to production roles, editing and even using a green screen.
During week one, they learned filmmaking terms, learned about the various jobs on a film crew, discussed script ideas and practiced using cameras. The next week, they prepared a storyboard and did some script writing, and the third week, they moved into production, filming the clips they needed. In their final week, students edited their film together and learned about post-production.
“We learned different types of camera shots, like close up and far away,” third grader Ella Foresti explained. “I liked this because now I can make different movies… it will be fun!”
Students worked together to film ‘The Year that Santa Attacked,’ a story in which Santa gets trapped, leading an evil Santa to give kids presents that attack them. Santa’s reindeer save the real Santa, leading to a happy ending.
“It’s fun to dress up and act,” classmate Carter Rodak added. “I got to pretend to be Santa and a kid!”
Andrea Buckvold used to teach beginning film to SU students said the main point of the activity was to give the students an outlet to work together and get an idea of what it would be like to make a real film. “It’s been a lot of fun for the kids,” she noted. “That’s probably the most important goal!”
Great job, future filmmakers of Ed Smith!