Frazer Students Create Mural, Leave Legacy at School

     Published on 1/24/17   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    Frazer K-8 School   

Eighth graders at Frazer had a unique opportunity this year to leave a lasting legacy at their school. Thanks to a grant submitted by art teacher Melissa Dougher and funded by the SCSD Educational Foundation, students worked together to create a four foot by eight foot clay mural that will be permanently installed on a wall at the school!
“Our mascot recently changed to Frazer Frontier,” eighth grade student Rachel Cotto explained. “The Frontier represents new places of exploring, so we’re showing an astronaut holding a big Frazer flag with the Syracuse skyline in the background. There will also be planets and things to represent other states.”
Guest artist Peter Valenti is a retired school teacher who taught a ceramics course at ESM for more than 30 years. Now with Clayscapes Pottery, Inc., Mr. Valenti visited the students regularly to help with the project, from assisting in the design and logistics to teaching them the tools and techniques they would need to create their mural.
“A project like this really fosters collaborative learning and allows students to take ownership of it,” he said.
Ms. Dougher said the experience of working together—and with Mr. Valenti—was her primary objective for students when she applied for the grant.
“This project promotes individuality while also illustrating the importance of teamwork,” she reflected. “The mural promotes college and career readiness through creativity, collaboration, critical thinking skills and hands on experiences. Plus, it is really crucial for students to meet and work alongside of members of the community and be introduced to different professions in the art world. Our project brought the community into Frazer and created a bond and a unique experience for all parties involved!”
Rachel said an added bonus of the project was more school pride. “This project made us work hard,” she added. “It makes me feel connected to Frazer to know that I’ll be able to remember making this and to know that I’m leaving the school better than it was before.”
Great work, Frazer students, and thank you to the SCSD Educational Foundation for making the project possible. This is one of 20 projects funded by the SCSD Educational Foundation in 14 schools this year, totaling $53,000. Thank you for the continued support!