Grant Students Spread Messages of Hope

     Published on 3/9/17   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    Community Service    Grant Middle School   

Grant Middle School art teacher Lisa Teater learned of “We Rise Above the Streets” from a former coworker at Danforth. Now, she and her family regularly volunteer for the group that aims to assist the city’s homeless population by providing meals, toiletries, hats and gloves and more.
In an effort to show her students the positive impact they can have with their art, this year, Ms. Teater decided to lead her students of all grade levels in a monthly project. One day a month, she requests that students create inspiring messages to be shared with those served at “We Rise Above the Streets.” Students each complete six positive notes, which are cut up and included with the bagged lunches that are distributed to those in need.
“I wanted to show them that their art can make a difference and that they can have power by what they draw and what they write,” Ms. Teater explained. “I wanted them to step outside their comfort zone a little bit and see the influence they can have. It’s really important for kids at this age to see that they can make people happy just by being themselves.”
Students said the activity helped them think about the power that a simple note can have.
“We’re making notes to give to homeless people to make them feel good about themselves,” seventh grader Zoe Velez said. “I’m very happy to do this, because a lot of people go through hard times and if they have something to help get them through the day, it could mean the world. If we got notes like this, it would help us know that people care about us.”
“Everyone needs support and advice,” eighth grader Sarah Aswad said. “If we can help other people, it will come back to us later in life. Everyone deserves support and I feel good that we’re helping these people because they struggle a lot in life.”
Great work, Ms. Teater and Grant students!