President Obama's Visit to Henninger High School

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President Barack Obama brought his message of making higher education more affordable to Henninger High School on Thursday.  The President lauded the school district and City for the partnership with Say Yes to Education and touted it as a model for the rest of the nation.

The Henninger High School Jazz Band performed for the over 1,300 people in the gymnasium leading up to the President’s arrival.  Recent Nottingham graduate, Marissa Jones opened the evening with a rousing edition of the National Anthem.  She was followed at the microphone by Fowler junior and NJROTC Officer Nikeem Evans who led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Emilio Ortiz, an International Baccaluareaute student from Corcoran introduced the President and provided remarks. 

Superintendent Contreras, Henninger Principal Rob DiFlorio and Henninger Student Council President Angelina Crisafulli welcomed President Obama to Henninger in a private meeting before the event began.  Over 200 students from across the district’s high schools were in attendance at the event including students from the Hillside Work Scholarship Connection program.  They heard the President talk about lowering loan payments, holding colleges not only accountable for academics but affordability and increasing the value of higher education.

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