Resources and Supports for
English Language Learners

Portfolio Alternative Assessment (PAAL) for Level I and Level II Students

The Portfolio Alternative Assessment for Level I and Level II English Language Learners (ELLs) was developed   to promote English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction that is closely aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLSs) and the SCSD ELA curriculum.  The developmental goal is to articulate the reading and writing abilities and competencies of ELLs at the earliest levels of English language acquisition (beginners) as a means to expand and support English language growth and attainment of the standards.

Selected CCLSs that are appropriate to the students’ proficiency levels are identified in bold and are the instructional focus for the unit.  Standards that are italicized indicate that language proficiency levels may inhibit a students’ ability to master the standard successfully. 

It is important to note that some ELLs may demonstrate mastery of the standards in their native language and thus require instruction in transferring these skills in English.  Other students may not have the skills in their native language.  ESL teachers of Levels I and levels II must design their instruction to address each bolded CCLS and provide continuous assessment to measure growth toward meeting the standard.

In developing Teaching Points, teachers refer to the general concepts, knowledge and skills that are represented within the standards.  Appropriate scaffolds have been suggested that include instructional tools and techniques for beginning levels of proficiency.

This document provides ESL teachers with suggested artifacts that address one or more Common Core Grade Level Standards.  The suggested artifacts provide examples and ideas for developing learning experiences that are aligned with the SCSD ELA curriculum, and purposefully integrate the CCLSs.  They are not intended to stand alone nor do they represent lesson plans or a blue print for ESL curriculum.  It is the role of the ESL teacher to ensure that the students at this level are moving forward to meeting the requirement of the identified standards.

An end of the unit checklist is provided for assessing evidence of understanding and collecting anecdotal notes for each of the identified standards.
Cross-referencing was done with the CCLSs, the SCSD ELA curriculum and the CAN Do Descriptors from World Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA).  The CAN Do Descriptors describe what students can do at each proficiency level by domain and provide a starting point for working with ELLs.  They are exemplars of what ELLs may do to demonstrate comprehension in reading and listening as well as production in writing and speaking.