Food and Nutrition Announces Community Eligibility Option Program

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The Syracuse City School District is participating in the Community Eligibility Option (CEO) under the Child Nutrition Program, to offer meals free of charge to all students in the district.  This program is directed towards districts with a high percentage of economically disadvantaged students. To qualify, our student population is directly matched to the benefits they receive through several documented programs.   

 While this program benefits all students regarding meal service, it is still vitally important that we continue to collect eligibility applications to continue other services offered by the district.  There are many competitive grants that use the financial information collected from the eligibility application.

All families, regardless of income eligibility will be receiving an Eligibility Application in the mail . A self- addressed stamped envelope is provided with the application. If you have received a request to complete an eligibility application please complete one application for all family members. This assists in getting all of the information on one application, and eliminates the need to complete an application for each child.  The application is valid during the current school year and through the last day of September of the next school year.

If you feel you do not qualify you may complete the application by stating that you do not qualify across the body of the application. Please identify the students at the top of the application, and sign at the bottom. No other information is necessary.  If you are unsure whether you will qualify, a household income chart is included with the request for application.  If your income, based on your family size falls below the income listed in the income chart you qualify and we request that you fill out the application completely and return it.

If you have any questions please contact the Food and Nutrition Department at 435-4207.

You can view the eligibility chart here

To access the eligibility application please click here.