Syracuse City School District's 5 Year Strategic Plan

"Great Expectations 2012-2017" is a 5-year strategic plan designed to dramatically improve academic performance in the District. The plan will serve as a roadmap that defines the reform-based goals that will guide education transformation in our city.

“Although ambitious and challenging, "Great Expectations 2012-2017" is our commitment to making a long-term, collective investment in our students and their future,’’ Superintendent Contreras said.

The plan was developed over the course of five months with input from a Core Planning Team that included individuals from throughout the community. This team was guided by valuable feedback from hundreds of stakeholders who attended several community forums sponsored by the District.

The plan includes a mission and vision for the district, a pathway to success for students and detailed timelines for achieving five reform-based goals.

“We can and must continue to improve at every level of the organization,’’ said Stephen Swift, president of the Board of Education. "Great Expectations 2012-2017" provides us the framework to accomplish our goals.’’

You can watch Superintendent Contreras's presentation here.