Westside Academy Softball Team Receives Donations from C-NS

     Published on 4/3/17   Tagged under:    District News    Athletics    Westside Academy at Blodgett   

“Look at that helmet! It’s one we don’t have to duct tape!”
Westside Academy students on the school’s softball team were overjoyed as they looked at the new sporting equipment they would be using for the upcoming season.
Thanks to Stephanie Delaney, a sophomore at Cicero-North Syracuse, the team’s goods got an upgrade with a donation of more than $700 in visors, catcher’s gear, indoor balls, bat bags, practice pants and more.
Stephanie, a softball player herself at C-NS, said she was drawn to lead an effort for the WSA team when she learned through a family friend of some of the equipment they were lacking.
“We have so much to help us,” Stephanie said of her own team. “This team doesn’t have the same opportunities. I wanted to do something to help, and I like bottle and can drives, so I thought it would be a good way to make a difference.”
Last year, Stephanie organized a “Bottles for Bats” fundraiser, leading to a donation of jerseys, cleats and more for the WSA team. While she felt good about making a donation, she felt compelled to keep the effort going again this year.
Taking her “Bottles for Bats” poster with her as she competed in tournaments helped her collect more than $700 this year.
“This is just such a generous thing for you to do,” WSA softball coach Kristen Carey said as the team presented Stephanie with a Certificate of Excellence for her donations. “We look so great in our new gear, and it’ll help us play better, too!”
Next year, Stephanie said she hopes to continue her fundraiser again, with the hope of donating to the Syracuse baseball team. #SCSDGivesThanks to Stephanie for her generosity!