Henninger Teacher Named Local Winner in ‘My Favorite Teacher’ Contest

     Published on 4/11/17   Tagged under:    District News    Henninger High School   

Henninger English teacher Lia Reistrom was named the local winner of the Barnes & Noble ‘My Favorite Teacher’ contest after being nominated by student Julia Nash.

The contest provides middle and high school students with the opportunity to share why a particular teacher is special to them.
“I’ve been very lucky to have good English teachers all through my education,” Julia, a sophomore, said. “But I’ve never met a better English teacher – or teacher in general—than Ms. Reistrom. She’s funny and really into her kids’ education.”
Julia told of Ms. Reistrom’s creative book report assignment, where she allowed students the flexibility to pick a book and use whatever means they wanted to convince her that she should read the book as well. She spoke of bonding over music from ‘Hamilton’ and how Ms. Reistrom even incorporated the music into class.
“She cares about us,” Julia said. “Other teachers say it, but she really shows it.”
Barnes & Noble Community Business Development Manager Nick Bennett said one of the reasons Julia’s submission was selected as the winning one was because it went above and beyond the call to write an essay. Julia also included a signed petition from 16 other Henninger students, affirming that what Julia wrote was an accurate depiction of their teacher.
“I’m very proud of her for doing this,” Ms. Reistrom exclaimed of Julia. “This is a huge surprise! I started in this profession because I love working with kids. Normally, we don’t get a thank you from our students… at least until years down the road. So this is huge to me. I really try to pick out something positive about every kid every day… and I’m so glad it’s working!”
Ms. Reistrom has now been entered into the regional competition, where five winners will each be selected to win a $500 Barnes & Noble gift card. One of the five regional winners will be selected as the National Teacher of the Year. Congratulations and good luck, Ms. Reistrom!