Superintendent's Message to Staff - April 14

     Published on 4/19/17   Tagged under:    Superintendent   

Spring recess is here! I hope you enjoy the time off and return to work refreshed and ready to end the school year on a high note.
This week, we extend a special thank you to our vice principals in celebration of National Assistant Principals Week. Some of our principals and secretaries took the time to share their kind words about their own VPs – don’t miss special messages of appreciation from Frazer, Bellevue, Danforth, ITC and more. I hope that each member of our SCSD community knows that you are a valuable part of our team, even when there is not a designated recognition week dedicated to your role!
Continuing with a weekly focus on this year’s SCSD Educational Foundation-funded grant projects, don’t miss this brief video featuring the Glass & Clay grant taking place at Meachem. We just recently wrapped up Youth Art Month, and this project is a great demonstration of the power of art on our students! We also recently celebrated Music in Our Schools Month – please take a moment to watch this video of fourth grade Seymour students performing a medley of Puerto Rico plenas (folk music)! Thank you to Seymour Music Specialist Kevin Dorsey for sharing this video of the performance. It is great to see the impact that art and music have on our students!
Finally, this week’s #SCSDLookBack video features a Peaceful Schools showcase and spirit week at Lincoln, the Career Exploration Series at WSA and Frazer, Senior Night at Fowler, an Easter egg hunt at Seymour, P-Tech students presenting at the CNY Innovation Challenge, Huntington ‘Balancing the Books’ students visiting SU and more. Share your good news with us on Twitter (tag @SyracuseSchools) to be included next week!