Huntington Students Vote in ‘Battle of the Books’ Competition

     Published on 4/19/17   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    Huntington K-8 School   

First graders at Huntington experienced a unique way to make their voices heard – as well as a deepened interest in reading—thanks to a project led by Library/Media Specialist Denice Buchanan.
Selecting sixteen children’s books that the students had read in kindergarten or that she planned to read to them during their weekly library visits, Ms. Buchanan created a ‘Battle of the Books’ contest. All sixteen book covers were displayed on a bulletin board in the library, and each week, students would vote on their favorite of two options, narrowing down the field.
As the process went on, students got more and more invested in seeing their favorite book progress. The students took their votes seriously, Ms. Buchanan said, noting that the championship match-up was a close one between favorites ‘Big Bad Bubble’ and ‘I Need My Monster.’
“I was excited to vote,” July’ana Goodson said. “I thought Big Bad Bubble would win because it’s all over the board. It was so funny… I thought I would just melt from reading it! I like to read because if you read, you get smarter and smarter and smarter. And you get more knowledge from your books!”
“It was fun,” Mark Gunn said of the competition. “I liked voting and I wanted ‘I Need My Monster’ to win because it’s kind of scary and I like scary books. I’m not used to reading a lot, but I watch my mom read a lot and that makes me want to read more.”
After all four first grade classes completed voting, ‘Big Bad Bubble’ was named the winner with a 43-37 vote.
“They’ve gotten so excited about reading,” Ms. Buchanan said. “They have been dying to check out the books that were part of the competition! It’s really renewed their interest in those authors, too. Now, they’re drawn to reading more books by the authors or the books that I have out on display. It’s been a great way to get them excited about the new books that come in!”
Ms. Buchanan used Twitter to share the ongoing progress as students voted down to the ‘Final Four’ books, even receiving a response from Lauren Numeroff, author of ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,’ that she was honored to be a part of the activity!
Great job, Huntington first graders, on your voting, and thank you to Ms. Buchanan for leading such a great activity to help students learn to love reading!