Salem Hyde Students Create Interdisciplinary Ceramic Tile Mural

     Published on 5/4/17   Tagged under:    District News    Salem Hyde Elementary School   

For the third year running, Salem Hyde fifth graders have the opportunity to become a lasting part of their school by creating a tile mural, thanks to a grant funded by the SCSD Educational Foundation.
“The tile relief process is the same each year, but the theme is different,” Art teacher Joe Foster explained. “They really look forward to it. They’ve been asking me since they were 4th graders if they can make a mural… they really get a lot out of it. This is the first year we’ve done a science topic and they love it because they have a real interest in animals and nature. This project just helps reinforce what they’re learning in the classroom in an interdisciplinary way.”
Expanding upon their knowledge of biomes from science class, students researched different ecosystems like wetlands, arctic, coral reef, desert, ocean, streams & rivers, rainforests and more. They studied plants, animals and climate of the area and chose one of each to represent on their tile.
“We went to the library and used books to learn about what animals live in each area,” Jazmine Moore said, noting that her tile on the wetlands featured a Canada Goose. “It’s fun!”
“I learned that there are plants in the Arctic,” classmate Akon Nyang added. “Like flowers! I picked the polar bear for my tile because it’s the most famous animal in the Arctic. I feel happy that our mural will hang in the school… I’ve never done anything like this before!”
“I picked the coral reef because it has so many creatures, like sharks!” Zion Perry said. “I’ve never made clay tiles before, but it’s a cool step up from the other projects we’ve done.”
In art class, students drew a template for the animals and plants that would be on their tile. Learning about clay tools and techniques, they traced the images onto clay slabs, carved them and eventually painted the final pieces. The completed mural will be on display in the halls of the school, just as the past two murals are. This is one of 20 projects funded by the SCSD Educational Foundation in 14 schools this year, totaling $53,000. Thank you for the continued support!