Spelling Bee for Kindergaten

     Published on 5/30/17   Tagged under:    Academics    Dr King Elementary School   

Kindergarten students studied site words and alphabet sounds this year in ELA.  When the students started intervention classes each day, many students were able to begin to read.  While learning more and more words, those students began to see how the letters and sounds came together.  Spelling was the result.  A group of about 40 students were selected to participate in the first annual Kindergaten Spelling Bee! Parents were invited and trophies were ready and the contest began.  One by one students spelled sight words to second grade level words.  Everyone attending were delighted and excited.  Winners were grinning ear to ear as they brought their trophies back to their curious classmates.  It was heard the rest of the day, "Let's do this next year too!  Thanks Kindergarten team!  Job well done!!!