Roberts & ITC Students Help Curate OHA Exhibition

     Published on 6/15/17   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    ITC    Roberts preK-8 School   

Roberts School students display the shadow boxes they created as part of an OHA exhibition.Students from Roberts and ITC recently worked with the Onondaga Historical Association to help curate an exhibition, “We Make America: Stories of Sanctuary and Immigration.”
Focused on exploring the migration of Syracuse residents, including the immigrant and refugee experience, students interviewed friends or family members who came from another nation. They collected mementos representing the narratives including photos, maps, travel documents, currency and other illustrations of the individual’s culture, challenges and hope. Students created collages out of these items, which they displayed in shadow boxes.ITC students pose in front of the OHA exhibition they helped curate.

“It was interesting to learn about the different cultures in my family,” Roberts student Kyla Mayberry explained. “I learned things about my family that I never knew, like that my great-great grandmother was a gypsy!”
“I loved learning about the different cultures of my peers,” classmate Madison Reynolds added. “It was so interesting to learn the history of our ancestors.”
To learn even more about the issue, students also researched the global refugee crisis and Syracuse’s status as a sanctuary city.
“We studied immigration and the push and pull factors of people coming to the United States,” Roberts Social Studies teacher Kerri Lopez said. “This project really allowed students to see how their lives are impacted through their ancestors.”
“I was hoping that through the project, students would feel that they have a voice and that they are important to our community,” ITC Social Studies teacher Katie Argus said, noting that her students who were involved in the project did so voluntarily. “They had very positive energy and channeled the content of the exhibit themselves. The exhibit has personal connection to our students, and I believe this has made them very proud!”
What a great way to help students become #SCSDCivicReady! The exhibition will remain on display at the OHA (321 Montgomery Street) through August 2017.