GMS WEB Leaders Meet New WEB leaders

     Published on 6/22/17   Tagged under:    Community Service    Extra-Curricular    Grant Middle School   

In June, our 2016-17 WEB Leaders met with our 2017-18 WEB leaders for our annual "Spring Play Day."  This is the only opportunity that our veteran WEB leaders have to train our incoming WEB leaders.  Our WEB leaders share insights about the program as well as show the new WEB leaders some of the activities that they will be responsible for teaching during oru 6th grade WEB orientation in August.  It is an action-packed afternoon, but watching leaders collaborate and learn from one another is always a joy.  Of course, as WEB coordinators, this day is always bitter sweet, we are happy to welcome our new leaders, but are so sad to see our veteran leaders leave.  Good Luck WEB leaders of 2016-17, we know that you will be successful in all of your endeavors.  Welcome to the WEB program, our new leaders!