SCSD Hosts Pre-K Summer Institute

     Published on 7/27/17   Tagged under:    District News   

In partnership with the New York State Education Department, this summer the SCSD hosted a ‘Three Year Old Public Preschool Summer Institute.’  The Institute welcomed early childhood educators from across New York State to take place in workshops, discussions, activities and networking.
“I’m new to New York and I’m just learning ways to handle child care,” YMCA Daycare staff member Kendria Sullivan said. “It’s been nice to learn how others are doing things.”
“This will help me promote play in my district, which I’ve been really wanting to do,” added Brenda Lidestri, a curriculum director from Binghamton.
Teachers learned about instructional practices for working with preschool students, creating environments that best serve preschoolers and more.
“It’s wonderful, because everyone runs their programs differently,” Cindy Watkins, SCSD Coordinator of Early Childhood Programs, said. “It was like a big think tank where we could bounce ideas off of each other. And it was great having New York State here supporting us.”
Thank you to all of the educators and instructional coaches who took part!