8th Grade AVID Students Create Carnival for Teachers

     Published on 8/4/17   Tagged under:    Extra-Curricular    Grant Middle School   

June 23, 2017, which was the last day of school for staff, GMS 8th grade AVID students created a midway of carnival games for the GMS staff.  The games included a basket toss,  basketball toss, wiffle ball throw, dart game, and a ping pong toss.  The Students designed, built and supervised the games.  Prizes were given to teachers who successfully made the baskets or got the darts through the bulls eye!  Popcorn was given to all of the staff, regardless of their prowess on the midway.  The students wanted to thank the teachers, for all of our hard work and dedication.  The teachers want to wish all of our 8th grade students good luck and success in the future.  To see more pictures, go to our twitter page. https://twitter.com/GrantGatorsSCSD.