P-Tech Students Gain Work Experience through Summer Employment

     Published on 9/5/17   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    ITC   

P-Tech students learned on-the-job skills through summer employment at local organizations.During the 2016-17 school year, ITC juniors attended several ‘job shadows,’ visiting local partner companies in small groups. The visits, intended to give students a look at the employment opportunities that their programs of study could offer them, were a success – but only allowed students to get a small glimpse into what jobs at those companies entailed.
This summer, for the first time at ITC, students were able to apply for a job shadow program – or full-time summer employment—with partner companies in their field of study. Company representatives visited ITC to conduct interviews and select the applicants with the best fit.
Working with United Radio, DARCO Manufacturing, G.A. Braun and Kilian Manufacturing, students had the opportunity to take a deeper, hands-on look at how the companies troubleshoot parts issues, solder dashboards, repair motors and more during the three-week summer program.
“Our three summer employees have been working right along with our seasoned technicians repairing actual customer products,” United Radio Human Resources Manager James Branche said. “Having them – and two student interns— at United Radio has been an amazing experience. These students have been a great addition to our team and hopefully they now have a better understanding of the jobs available in Syracuse.”
Lilly La, studying Mechanical Engineering at ITC, spent her summer shadowing staff at United Radio.
“It’s been a great hands-on experience,” she said. “I’m actually able to work on their projects with them. I’ve learned that it’s very detailed… more complicated than I thought! I have gotten a new perspective on their electrical boards and stuff, which has been interesting.”
“It was a pretty cool experience, because they’re not just putting a smile on their face and showing you around,” Kamal Tayeh said of his shadowing experience at G.A. Braun. “They’re actually showing you the work that they do. You get to really learn more about the company.”P-Tech students learned on-the-job skills through summer employment at local organizations.
Four students were offered full-time summer employment; three at United Radio and one at DARCO.
“In order to know if they want to work in a field, they need to experience it,” DARCO Talent/Community Engagement Manager Mel Menon explained. “We really wanted the students to get a sense of the industry and what it’s really like to work in a small to mid-size metal working shop. They ask questions and are not just here to observe – they have been so authentically engaged.”
Students said that authentic engagement comes from a real interest in the career field.
“This experience has been great,” senior William DeJesus said. “When I go back to OCC this school year, I’ll have more knowledge. I’m glad P-Tech offered me this opportunity. I’ve learned a good work ethic – I’ve had to get to work at 6:30 am to begin at 7 am, and I’m here until 3:30. I didn’t know what working in manufacturing would be like, but now I see how it would be a good fit for me. I can really see getting my four-year degree and working in the field.”
“It was cool to work with our mentors like Mel in a more one-on-one experience,” senior Ashley Red-Leader, an intern at DARCO, added. “Initially, I wasn’t interested in engineering. But now I am – it’s so hands-on! Even when they had me doing paperwork, I thought: even this isn’t boring… I could do it all day!”
“Every summer program is a great experience,” SCSD P-Tech Program Coordinator Nick Lisi said. “But these jobs are industry-specific, so they’re specific to the jobs that our students are training for. It’s a real world experience for them.”
Congratulations to all of our P-Tech students on their summer work experiences, and thank you to the business partners for being such great mentors for our students.