SCSD Schools Host Fundraisers for Paige’s Butterfly Run

     Published on 9/27/17   Tagged under:    District News    Community Service    Bellevue Elementary School    Dr King Elementary School    Ed Smith    Roberts preK-8 School   

Bellevue Elementary students wear pajamas in support of Paige's Butterfly Run.Students at Bellevue, Ed Smith and Dr. King enjoyed wearing their pajamas to school one day this fall, and they did it for a good cause. In support of Paige’s Butterfly Run, students raised money to earn the ability to wear pajamas in school, in solidarity with children in the hospital who have to wear pajamas on a daily basis.
“We visited the schools to talk to the kids about who we are, what we do in the community and how what they are doing to support other kids is part of being a good citizen,” Paige’s Butterfly Run Executive Director Mary Kate Intaglietta explained.
At Bellevue, students raised $81 in their efforts. Ed Smith students raised $1450 in their ‘Pennies for Paige’ collection, with staff asked to contribute $5 per person to wear their pajamas as well.
 Ed Smith students wore pajamas and raised money for Paige's Butterfly Run.
“We raised money for cancer patients and kids who can’t wear school clothes like we can,” seventh grader Ny’Jae Manning said. “We wore pajamas like they have to.”

Ed Smith students competed by grade level to see who could raise the most money, and in art class, they also created self-portrait butterflies wearing pajamas in solidarity with children in the hospital.
Student Tynashia Porter said the effort was close to her heart. “I had a cousin with leukemia, so this is something I care about,” she said.
“It makes me feel good that our school is taking it upon ourselves to help,” Detrick Birks Jr. added.
At Roberts Pre-K-8 School, students are making an even more in-depth effort. The Student Council will be raising awareness of childhood cancer as one of their service projects for the year! Great job, students and staff, for your efforts to support Paige’s Butterfly Run!