Last year our students made gains in both Math and ELA.  Our goal is to continue this positive trend and one way to achieve this is to increase our students' content and academic vocabularies.  This is why we are implementing the vocabulary project which will take place throughout the school year.  Below are the lists of important 6th grade vocabulary from ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  There will be a grade given for the vocabulary in all four core classes.

In order to create more organization to the project, students will be turning in smaller sections of the project at the end of each marking period.  This means that the list is divided into four sections which are differentiated on the vocabulary lists by font.  Here are the following due dates:
  • BOLD words are due at the end of Marking Period 1  (by October 26th)
  • Italic words are due at the end of Marking Period 2 (by January 18th)
  • Underlined words are due at the end of Marking Period 3 (by April 5th)
  • Regular words are due at the end of Marking Period 4 (by June 25th)

Since this is a project students should be creative and neat when representing the vocabulary words. The words can be complied into a dictionary or ABC book.  The required components for each word are as follows:
  1. Definition of each word
  2. CHOOSE ONE:  Antonym, synonym, translation OR creative interpretation of each word
  3. Graphic representation
  4. Meaningful sentence or question 
Although your child will be given time during their "tutorial" class to work on this project a majority of the work will be happening at home.  Please sign the second page of the packet that will be coming home with your child so that we can confirm that you are aware of this year long homework assignment.  If your child has lost/misplaced the packet there is a link to a copy of the document below so that you can download, print it, and sign it.

Here are some online resources that students can use to find the vocabulary words.

1. Merriam-Webster Unabridged dictionary -
    (Since this is a district paid resource it might need a username and a password.  If so the username is syrsls and the password is       syrsls.)

2. Kids.Wordsmyth -

3. Word Central -

                                  8th Grade Science Vocabulary
Constant Cyclic Density Dependent
Direct Extrapolate Indirect Interpolate
Liter Meter Metric System Newton
Patterns Trends Variable Volume
Classify Conclusion Constant Control Group
Dependent Variable Independent Variable Experimental Group Explanation
Hypothesis Describe Inference Investigation
Measure Observations Phenomena Predict
Question Sequence Cells Cell Membrane
Cell Wall Chloroplast Cytoplasm Excretion
Feedback Mechanism Mitosis Function Gas Exchange
Genetic Material Microbe Microscope Molecules
Multicellular Nucleus Organism Regulation
Reproduction Respiration Specialized Structure
Tissues Unicellular Asexual Budding
Cancer Diploid Cell Gametes Genes
Haploid Cell Heredity Meiosis Tumor
Regeneration Reproduction Runners Genes
Zygote Chromosome DNA Dominant
Expressed Extinction Fossils Generation
Genetic Engineering Models of Prediction Hereditary Inherited Trait
Mechanisms Genetic Traits Mutations Natural Selection
Offspring Pair Pedigree Chart Probability
Punnett Square Recessive Selective Breeding Sexual Reproduction
Nucleus Unit Absorbed Calories
Carbohydrate Carbon Dioxide Cellular Respiration Energy Transformation
Distractions Energy Constant Fats
Glucose Input Metabolism Microscope
Minerals Output Oxidizing Oxygen (O2)
Photosynthesis Proteins Synthesize Transported
Vitamins Water (H2O) Successive Molecules

                                            8th Grade ELA Vocabulary
Climax Develop External Conflict Inference
Internal Conflict Propel Provoke Structure
Style Theme Tone Allusion
Character Traits Cite Conclude Engage
Gather Mine Recall Reflect
Support Transition Interpret Refine
Relevant Bias Central Idea Claim
Delineate Evoke Alternate Argue
Evidence Oppose Persuade Contribute
Develop Motivation Pattern Track
Credentials Impact Implicate Lens
Perspective Primary Secondary Source

                                              8th Grade Math Vocabulary
Rotation Reflection Translation Congruent
Dilation Similar Figures Transversal Scientific Notation
Slope Y-Intercept Slope-Intercept Form Linear Equation
Square Root Radical Non-Linear Functions Input
Output Function Rate of Change Like Terms
Constant Speed Equations Corresponding Angles Interior
Cone Volume Formula Pythagorean Theorem Sphere Volume Formula Cylinder Volume Formula
Exterior Cube Root Irrational Number Simultaneous Linear Equations
Irrational Number Measurement Data Negative Association Positive Association
Line of Best Fit Outlier Bivariate Scatter Plot
Terminating Decimal Repeating Decimal Integer Exponent  

                          8th Grade Social Studies Vocabulary
States’ Rights Theory Strict Construction Loose Construction American System
Isolationism Embargo Blockade Neutrality
Frontier Capitalism Folk Art Monroe Doctrine
Spiritual Territory Annex Diplomacy
Manifest Destiny Legacy Ranch Oregon Trail
Mormons Forty-niners Abolitionists Reform
Second Great Awakening Seneca Falls Convention Transcendentalism Declaration of Sentiments
Deforestation Plantation Agrarian Cotton Gin
Industrialist Industrial Revolution Underground Railroad Gettysburg Address
Segregation Oppression Immigrant Discrimination
Union Fugitive Confederacy Civil War
Habeas Corpus Racism Reconstruction Black Codes
Civil Rights Jim Crow Laws Homesteader Subsidy
Thirteenth Amendment Freedmen’s Bureau  Transcontinental Railroad Reservation
Entrepreneur Laissez-Faire Profit Mass Production
Corporation Trust Monopoly Urbanization
Refugee Assimilation Labor Union Passport
Nativism Quota Civil Service Suffrage
Prohibition Regulation Great Migration Credit
Harlem Renaissance Red Scare Depression New Deal
Pension Fascism Totalitarian Pogrom
Consumer Goods Atomic Bomb War Crime D-Day
Inflation Internment Camp United Nations Communism
Black List Proxy War Cold War Marshall Plan
Containment Integration Sit-In Black Power
Nonviolent Resistance Baby Boom Great Society Counterculture
Environmentalist Hostage Internet Impeach
Terrorism Holocaust Capitalism Bond

                      8th Grade Academic Language Vocabulary
Draw Define Calculate Arrange
Repeat Recall Recite Identify
Memorize State Recognize List
Label Illustrate Measure Report
Quote Match Name Infer
Categorize Classify Separate Estimate
Compare Relate Organize Construct
Modify Predict Interpret Distinguish
Summarize Revise Assess Investigate
Critique Connect Design Analyze
Create Prove Synthesize