Van Duyn Celebrates Fall and Halloween!

     Published on 11/1/17   Tagged under:    Van Duyn Elementary School   

This year Van Duyn decided to welcome the fall weather and the Halloween holiday in style. First, Van Duyn's White CHAMPS incentive for the month included a Fall Harvest Festival. Students who had over 50 white CHAMPS or 50 Dojo points were able to attend and participate in a variety of fall activities. Students guessed how much candy corn was in a jar, they decorated pumpkins and even had a ring toss, where they tried to get the rings around a pumpkin. Every student who attended the festival walked away with their very own decorated pumpkin, just in time for the crisp fall weather. 

Then, on October 31st, Van Duyn held its first ever Halloween Parade. Students were invited to bring their costumes to school. At 3:00pm students changed into their costumes and the parade began. Parents, family members, as well as other students and faculty lined the halls and watched as our "Van-tastic" students showed off there awesome costumes. Students had a blast and were given a bag of candy to take home, as well as a bag of popcorn to enjoy during the day. 

Check out some awesome photos from these days!