OCC Partnership Expands Into Three SCSD Schools

     Published on 11/6/17   Tagged under:    District News    McKinley-Brighton Elementary School    Meachem Elementary School    Roberts preK-8 School   

Students worked with OCC staff to plant a blackberry bush as part on an ongoing partnership.In the 2016-17 school year, Onondaga Community College announced a partnership with McKinley-Brighton Elementary. OCC staff visited the school to help students make journals, create spin art to learn about centripetal force, create personal superheroes that are now on display in the new OCC Coulier Library and more. Students took field trips to the OCC campus to see what college life will be like one day. Both sides expressed appreciation for the partnership.
This year, OCC announced that they would expand their presence into Meachem and Roberts, exposing even more students to mentorship and college preparedness activities.
The first partnership activity this year consisted of working with fifth grade classes to plant blackberry bushes outside of each school building. The lesson tied into a talk about responsibility, community and engagement.Students worked with OCC staff to plant a blackberry bush as part on an ongoing partnership.
“The OCC representatives did a good job explaining about plants and answering all of the students’ questions,” Meachem fifth grade teacher Kristin Costello explained. “It was a nice change from the classroom, to do a hands-on activity that will impact our school and community. It taught our students to care for something other than themselves and for many students, it was something new and fun to be a part of.”
Throughout the school year, various classrooms will also create journals, learn about table etiquette, create personalized bookmarks, participate in drumming circles, create school mascot images, design a school bookcase and more.
“It’s fun to work with the people from OCC,” Roberts fifth grader Sarai Kerwin said. “We’ve worked with some adults and one student so far and they said they will come back for more activities this year. I want to go to college one day so I can be a veterinarian!”
These early college aspirations are one of the goals of the partnership.
“This partnership continues to highlight how important our interactions are with young, eager, developing minds,” OCC Interim Dean of Visual, Performing & Applied Arts Meredith Cantor-Feller explained. “All of the children we work with are thirsty to learn and experience new and exciting things in a safe environment that applauds their curiosity. The students gain from the exposure to ideas outside of their traditional education while our staff benefit from engaging with the core of our community. We are the community’s college!”
Thank you to OCC for this expanding partnership!