Tuberculosis Case Reported in the Public Service Leadership Academy at Fowler

     Published on 11/15/17   Tagged under:    District News    PSLA @ Fowler   

One individual at the Public Service Leadership Academy at Fowler (PSLA) has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. The Onondaga County Health Department has developed a list of PSLA students and staff who should be tested for Tuberculosis in the event that they were exposed. Testing will be conducted at PSLA on Friday (11/17) and results will be given on Monday (11/20).

If your child received a consent form at school on Wednesday 11/15, it is very important that this form is signed and returned immediately. Students and staff who have been given a consent form MUST be present in school on Friday and Monday.

Please see below for a press release provided by the Onondaga County Health Department. Links to additional resources can also be found below.

Tuberculosis Case Reported in the Syracuse City School District

Onondaga County Health Commissioner Dr. Indu Gupta reported today that a case of active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) was reported in an individual affiliated with the Public Service Leadership Academy (PSLA) at Fowler High School. Dr. Gupta explained, “While TB is less common than it once was, it still remains a public health concern. Anyone can contract the disease after exposure to an active TB case. It is treatable and curable by specific antibiotics treatment.”

Tuberculosis is caused by bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is an airborne bacterial infection that primarily affects the lungs. TB is spread when an infected person coughs, speaks, laughs, sings or sneezes into the air and the germs are inhaled by others. Symptoms include: persistent cough, feelings of weakness or lethargy, weight loss, low-grade fever, and/or night sweats. Active TB can take several months after infection to develop.

Those who may have been in close contact to this individual, should be evaluated for their symptoms and should be tested for any evidence of TB.  
The Onondaga County Health Department is working collaboratively with the Syracuse City School District to identify and screen those who may have been exposed. The Health Department will continue to monitor the situation and inform the public.

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