Greeting Meachem Families,

It is time to kick off this year’s Families as Reading Partners Program (FARP), which will run from November to June.  The goal of FARP is to encourage families and students to read together and foster a lifelong love of reading in our children. 

How will the Meachem community participate in FARP this year?
  • Most importantly, families are encouraged to read with their child for 15 minutes each day. Whether it’s a story, a poem, a website, a recipe, a news article, a joke book, or a catalog, reading together is what FARP is all about.
  • Send in the Reading Contract during the week of November 6th. You and your child should discuss and sign the Reading Contract found on the attached page. Be sure to hand in your contract, so your child to be eligible for raffles held throughout the school year.
  • Send us a photo of your child reading with a parent or caregiver. Text your photo to 315-484-6515, and we will upload your photo.
  • Participate in monthly activities that will be sent home to support reading with your child.
  • Read to your child’s class. Watch for information from your child’s teacher about opportunities to share a book in the classroom. Guest readers from the community will also read to classes and remind students that reading matters beyond the school walls.
Happy Reading!!!