Van Duyn Ninja Warrior!

     Published on 12/4/17   Tagged under:    Van Duyn Elementary School   

Every month Van Duyn holds a White CHAMPS incentive, where students who show good behavior and earn at least 50 White CHAMPS or 50 Dojos get to participate in a fun activity. The month of November set up a challenge for the students....could they be a Van Duyn Ninja Warrior!

Inside the gym there were several obstacle courses. Students had to show their strength and agility to maneuver through the obstacle courses and get to the finish. Students had a blast as they swung from ropes, crawled through tunnels, and raced each other on scooters and so much more. Check out some of the pictures from our 'Van-tastic' CHAMPS incentive below!  
a boy crawls under a tunnel for the Ninja Warrior challenge Girl jumps to catch rope in Ninja Warrior Challenge
Girl jumps on mats for Ninja Warrior challenge Kids crawl under tunnels in Ninja Warrior Challenge
Girl jumps on trampoline for ninja warrior challenge Kids race each other for Ninja Warrior Challenge