2018-19 Budget Information

In developing our budget for the 2018-19 school year, we have explicitly linked resource allocation with student need and the expected impact on student achievement. Specifically, the budget includes funding for the following priorities:

  1. Early Literacy Initiative to ensure that by the end of second grade, all students are reading on- or above-grade level, placing them on the path to become active, literate learners.
  2. Culturally Responsive Education and Restorative Practices, which help bridge the gap between what students learn in the classroom and what they experience in the community.
  3. Continued Expansion of Career and Technical Education Programs, which are helping our students graduate from high school ready for college and career. We now have 26 cutting-edge pathways offered in our District and look forward to expanding these programs even further.
  4. Improved Personalized Learning Opportunities to ensure that each student is able to achieve their own goals at their own pace. Every school has designed a more personalized approach to teaching and learning and now this needs to spread from pockets of excellence to district-wide implementation.
  5. Robust Academic and Social-Emotional Supports including continued support for Academic Intervention Teachers, Social Work Assistants and other staff to ensure that we are adequately able to address the issues that are hindering students from achieving academic success. 

Listed below are the documents provided to the Board of Education.

2018-19 Special Aid Fund Book

2018-19 Adopted Budget Presentation

2018-19 Adopted Budget Common Council Presentation

2018-19 Adopted Budget Book

Questions or comments regarding the Proposed Budget may be submitted through Let's Talk


2018-19 New York State Funding Transparency Forms

2018-19 Transparency Forms Parts A-E
2018-19 Transparency Form Part F
2018-19 Transparency Part G


Budget Timeline
2/14 Proposed Budget Presentation
2/26 Public Hearing
3/1 Public Hearing
3/14 Board Approval of Proposed Budget
3/31 State Legislative Aid
4/11 Board Adoption of Final Budget
5/2 Presentation to the Common Council
5/3 Public Hearing on City and School District Budget