E-Sports Club Brings Competitive Gaming to ITC

     Published on 1/29/18   Tagged under:    District News    Extra-Curricular    ITC   

Members of the ESports Club at ITC take part in competitive and teambuilding gaming.The ITC E-Sports Club, now in its third year, meets weekly after school. There, students have the opportunity to take part in everything from competitive online gaming to a friendly board game. Together, students compete in Wii games on a smart board, play Dungeons & Dragons, take part in an online card game, Hearthstone, and more.
For those who wish to play competitively, the hard work will begin in the spring. Twelve students competed last year and more have expressed interest this year. Competitions involve seven different games played against other high school teams across the country, and college scholarship money is the ultimate prize.
“We use video games and board games as a way to strengthen problem solving skills, allow creativity to flow and develop conflict resolution skills,” ITC Math teacher and club advisor Matt Cosgrove explained. “But our club is not just about competing; it is also a great place to create a positive and safe after school environment. We have many students that are a part of our club that never compete and still are able to contribute in very meaningful ways.”
For a majority of the 40 students who expressed interest in the club this year, the chance to get to know their classmates better is their ultimate objective.
“It’s a time after school to get together with friends and play games,” senior Gavin Russell said. “You can be competitive with it or not, and you can be casual with it. But it’s still an opportunity to contribute and be part of a club.”
Good luck to our ITC E-Sports students as they compete this spring!