Syracuse Latin Spanish Lunch Club Expands Students' Cultural Knowledge

     Published on 2/12/18   Tagged under:    District News    Syracuse Latin   

Students practice Spanish vocabulary with their teacher in the Spanish Lunch Club.Twice a week, a group of Syracuse Latin students chooses to gather in Spanish teacher Serena Castiglione’s classroom for a Spanish Lunch Club.
There, they reinforce vocabulary that they learn in their regular Spanish class, while taking a more cultural focus in learning about Spanish food, music and more.
“Learning languages at this age is so important,” Spanish teacher Serena Castiglione explained. “They just absorb it. Sometimes they’re just having fun and they don’t even realize they’re learning a language! And, of course, it takes more than 45 minutes a week to learn a new language, so this enhances the learning they get in class.”
One of the lunch club activities included watching a Spanish version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ Students practiced Spanish vocabulary words and worked together to write their own script, with the ultimate goal of performing a puppet show version of the tale in Spanish.
Students said they enjoyed the opportunity to dive deeper into the Spanish culture while learning together.
“I joined the Spanish Lunch Club because I just love Spanish,” second grader Virginia Ames exclaimed. “I love being with other people and exploring the Spanish culture. I hope that one day I can go to Mexico and speak to people and translate between English and Spanish and have fun!”
“I wanted to be in Spanish Lunch Club so I can learn more Spanish and understand it better,” Jane Klivak added. “I also want to learn it so I can learn my parents’ secrets! My mom studied somewhere where they speak Spanish so she and my dad can talk to each other. I want to be able to understand what they’re saying!”
Thank you to Ms. Castiglione for leading this great way to help students celebrate #SCSDDiversity!