ITC Media Communications Students Travel to South Africa

     Published on 3/26/18   Tagged under:    District News    ITC   

ITC students pose near a vehicle while on a safari in South Africa.“When we first got there, I thought we’d be living in huts or something,” ITC senior Saviere Williams shared of her first impression upon arriving in South Africa. “But as we got into town, we saw kids our age wearing clothes like ours and pulling out their cell phones. As we learned more about them, we learned that they’re not all that different from us.”
Four SCSD students had the opportunity to travel to South Africa this winter in partnership with Syracuse University’s Newhouse School and Inkululeko, a nonprofit that serves motivated students in Grahamstown, South Africa.
Advanced Media student Saviere, along with classmates Katy Fermin, Ibraham Mukahal and Ana McGough, ITC Social Studies teacher Katie Argus and Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Schools Anthony Davis, enjoyed their weeklong adventure to the other side of the world.
Their goal? To experience the South African culture, get to know the people, conduct interviews and gather photos and videos to share their experience with others here in Syracuse.
“We interviewed one of the Inkululeko teachers, so we showed the students how to set up and use the camera and equipment,” Katy explained. “We’ll be editing our footage together to show to others in our school and district so hopefully other students can make this trip in the future.”
While in South Africa, the students were each paired up with a local student and tasked with getting to know each other. Together, they talked about the similarities and differences in their lives. The students observed that things seem simpler in South Africa – the buildings aren’t as tall. The food is served in smaller portions and is more natural than it is here in America. To wrap up their trip, they even experienced a safari at the Tembagame Reserve, where they were surprised to see wild elephants come within arm’s reach.
“The trip helped me look at the world with a new perspective,” Ibraham said. “I had this perception that it would be really poor, but once I got there it actually reminded me a lot of home. It helped me have a better outlook and be more open-minded.”
“I also think the trip helped me gain a new outlook on the world,” Saviere added. “I realized that rather than passing judgement on something or letting what I see on TV impact my view, I should experience it for myself.”
For Katy, along with a couple of her classmates, the travel experience itself was life changing.
“I’ve always wanted to travel, but I was afraid to fly,” Katy said. “After the 14-hour flight to South Africa, I’m not afraid anymore. I am more willing to travel and I want to visit Europe next!”
Thank you to Syracuse University for making this opportunity available to our students!