Dr. Weeks Mentoring Program Adds Relationship Building to Lunch Menu

     Published on 4/17/18   Tagged under:    District News    Dr Weeks Elementary School   

Dr. Weeks Elementary students learn the basics of billiards from their mentor.It’s noon on Tuesday, and the Northeast Community Center’s Teen Room is full of adults. Some are with the Syracuse Police Department; some are National Grid employees; some are seniors from the community center.
All 17 of them are there for the same reason: to mentor Dr. Weeks students. Each week, the group visits for an hour, visiting with the same child in a student-driven activity time. Students can choose to draw, read, do crafts or play games with their mentor.
“I like working with her,” second grade student Ter’Kell Davis-Dreher said of his mentor. “We play Go Fish and lots of games… sometimes, she lets me win!”
Students who could benefit from one-on-one attention are selected by school staff to take part in the program, funded through the New York State Mentoring Program.
“They like the break in the day to have some one-on-one attention and do something fun,” Community School Director Patty Sawmiller said.
Mentors say the experience is a great break in their day as well.
“To me, this experience has been a ray of sunshine,” National Grid Community Coordinator Dr. Carlene Lacey said. “To see the smiles on the children’s faces… they don’t know how much joy they’re imparting into our lives! They enjoy what they’re doing, but at the same time they are allowing us to build community, one relationship at a time.”
 Thank you to all the mentors who take time out of their schedule to visit with our Dr. Weeks students.