Building Men Program Flight School 2018

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

Your son has expressed interest in attending the Building Men Flight School this summer. Below is teh overview of the program for your information. Attached is the application for the Flight School. I look forward to the opportunity to work with your son this summer.

The Syracuse City School District has provided a unique educational expereince for our Building Men Program 8th grade boys during the summer. The program will be housed at HW Smith (50 boys) from July 9 to August 3, Monday - Friday (8:00 am to 2:45 pm).

The boys will participate in pre-ninth grade ELA curriculum in which we will be studying different reading strategies working with a novel and a research assignment on Manhood. The pre-algebra math program is that will prepare our boys for ninth grade math.

This summer we will read from the book 'All American Boys' by Jason Reynolds. It's our hope to inspire them to become independent readers. The boys will be given this book at the conclusion of the summer institute.

The boys will experience Character Building Talks that will be comprised of Chalk Talks that will highlight the social issues the boys will face in high school, guest speakers, and "A" Man's Class. The Chalk Talk is interactive session that includes quotes, video clips, discussion prompts and reflective writing sessions. The guest speakers will speak to the young men about what it takes to succeed in high school, and how to develop the idea of positive significance and integrity while valuing and building relationships.

The afternoon will continue with a multi-sport camp that will consist of guest coaches presenting various topics and drills, followed by league play that will conclude the day. We will be instructing the boys on general physical conditioning and sport skill development.

Tuesday, July 17th, we will spend at OCC. We will teach our academic classes in college classrooms, have a College 101 class to explain the college experience, take a tour of the campus and eat in the college cafeteria. We look forward to creating a vision for higher education.

The boys who complete their weekly work will be eligible for the Thursday field trips. The field trips are designed to enhance the boy's development into young manhood. The criteria for attending these trips will be established to teach goal setting and self-discipline. 

Our goal is to make the traisition into high school smoother for our boys. We will be taking a few walking field trips to Nottingham High School to take tours, role play, and ease the anxiety level of our boys.

All applications are due to Joe Horan (HW Smith School) by May 31st. If you have any questions, please email me at or call HW Smith School at 435-4490.


Joe Horan
Building Men Program Director