Syracuse City School District Celebrates National Food Day

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The Syracuse City School District celebrated National Food Day on October 24, 2013 with mini Farmers’ Markets, guest chefs and other Food Day activities.

Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable and sustainable food. Students in the Syracuse City School District’s elementary schools received educational supplies including coloring books, bookmarks, pocket pals, brochures and posters from the New York State Education Departments Office of Child Nutrition.
The school district's Office of Food and Nutrition showcased a variety of fruits and vegetables regularly available to students, many of which are locally grown, as well as exposed them to other produce about which they might be unaware of at the four mini Farmers Markets.  Students also sampled food items and learned about the importance of a balanced, healthy diet.  Guest chefs were on hand at the mini Farmers Markets preparing the samples for the students.

To view more photos from the events of the day, click here.