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Name Location Job Title Phone Email Department
Redmond, Amy Delaware Academy School Food Service Helper I 435-4555 ARedmond Food Service
Redmond, Marianne Grant Middle School Typist I 435-4433 MRedmond Grant Middle School
Reed, Jennifer Danforth Middle School Teaching Assistant 435-4171 JReed2 Danforth Middle School
Reedy, Diane Meachem Elementary School Library/Media Specialist 435-4546 DReedy Meachem Elementary School
Reese, Carlos Support Services Bus Dispatcher 435-4260 CReese Transportation
Reese, Gail Instruction Curriculum Develop Budget Analyst I 435-4204 GReese Special Education
Reese, Kimberly Meachem Elementary School Teaching Assistant 435-4610 KReese Meachem Elementary School
Reese, Valerie Van Duyn Elementary School AIS Teacher (MCL) 435-4660 VReese Van Duyn Elementary School
Reese, Virgil Nottingham High School Teaching Assistant 435-5855 VReese2 Special Education TAs
Reeve-Larham, Carin Dr Weeks Elementary School Principal 435-4097 CReeve-Larham Dr Weeks Elementary School
Regmi, Jawala Nottingham High School ENL Teacher 706-6987 JRegmi Nottingham High School
Reichert, Paula Instruction Curriculum Develop Typist II 435-4181 PReichert Curriculum/Staff Development
Reid, Adrianna Grant Middle School Teaching Assistant 435-4171 AReid4 Grant Middle School
Reid, Dana Danforth Middle School ENL Teacher 435-4535 DReid2 Danforth Middle School
Reid, Daniel Delaware Academy School Special Education Teacher 435-4540 DReid Special Education
Reid, Irastina Instruction Curriculum Develop Asst Dir of Spec Prog and Inst 435-4540 IReid Special Education
Reilly, Thomas Support Services Mason 435-4839 TReilly Maintenance
Reinhart, Alyssa Office Shared Accountability Senior Data Analyst 435-4281 AReinhart Shared Accountability
Reiss, Lisa Support Services Asst School Transporation Dir 435-4260 LReiss Transportation
Reistrom, Lia Henninger High School English Teacher 435-4343 LReistrom Henninger High School
Renfrew, Elaina HW Smith K-8 School Music Teacher 435-4565 ERenfrew Huntington K-8 School
Renfrew, Elaina Huntington K-8 School Music Teacher 435-4565 ERenfrew Huntington K-8 School
Rentas, Dana Elmcrest School Special Education Teacher 435-6244 DRentas Elmcrest School
Rentas, Deborah Fowler High School Typist I - Spanish Speaking 435-4376 DRentas2 Fowler High School
Rentas II, Juan Westside Academy at Blodgett Custodian IIIA 380-7167 JRentasIi Operations
Reome, William Support Services Painter 435-4226 WReome2 Maintenance
Reopell, Mary Edward Smith K-8 School Special Education Teacher 435-4404 MReopell Special Education
Rhine, Rhonda LeMoyne Elementary School Food Service Helper I 435-4433 x5248 RRhine Food Service
Rhone, Akiko Nottingham High School Teaching Assistant 435-4411 ARhone Special Education TAs
Rice, Debra McCarthy at Beard School Special Education Teacher 435-5855 DRice2 Special Education
Rice, Rebecca Webster Elementary School Special Education Teacher 435-4670 RRice Special Education
Rich, Kelly Office Shared Accountability Data Coach (Teacher OSA) 435-4281 KRich Shared Accountability
Richard, Dusty Institute of Technology Teaching Assistant 435-4450 DRichard Special Education TAs
Richard, Lydia Instruction Curriculum Develop Student Lifeguard 435-4171 LRichard Physical Education
Richard, Matthew Instruction Curriculum Develop Grants Procurement Specialist 435-4293 MRichard Funded Program & Grant Manag
Richards, Heather HW Smith K-8 School Special Education Teacher 435-4490 HRichards Special Education
Richardson, Cassaundra Webster Elementary School Teaching Assistant 435-4171 CRichardson Special Education TAs
Richardson, Justin Support Services Driver Messenger 435-4343 JRichardson Food Service
Richardson III, Richard Lincoln Middle School Vice Principal 435-4450 RRichardson Lincoln Middle School
Riche, Karen Public Svc Leadership Academy Cosmetology Instr 435-4376 KRiche Public Svc Leadership Academy
Richman, Sherry Edward Smith K-8 School Teaching Assistant 435-4650 SRichman Special Education TAs
Richter, Amanda Huntington K-8 School Social Worker 435-6597 ARichter Huntington K-8 School
Riley, Andrea Henninger High School School Counselor 435-4353 ARiley Henninger High School
Riley, Kimberly McKinley-Brighton Elem School PreK Teacher 435-4605 KRiley Universal Pre K
Riley, Shannon Office Shared Accountability Data Analyst 435-4171 SRiley Shared Accountability
Rimkevitz, Theodore Porter Elementary School Custodian II 435-4625 TRimkevitz Operations
Rimkevitz Jr, Theodore Van Duyn Elementary School Custodian IB (Asst) 435-4660 TRimkevitzJr Operations
Rinaldo, Charles Bellevue Middle Academy Custodian IB (Asst) 435-6226 CRinaldo Operations
Rinaldo, Karrie Dr Weeks Elementary School ENL Teacher 435-4645 KRinaldo Dr Weeks Elementary School
Rioux, Fortunata Office of Human Resources Typist I (Retired) 435-4171 FRioux Sub Positions
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High Schools
Institute of Technology at Central
PSLA @ Fowler

Alternative Education Programs
Johnson Center/Adult Education
McCarthy @ Beard
MS Program @ Shea

Middle & K-8 Schools
Clary Middle School
Danforth Middle School
Ed Smith Pre-K-8 School
Expeditionary Learning Middle School
Frazer Pre-K-8 School
Grant Middle School
Huntington Pre-K-8 School
HW Smith Pre-K-8 School
Lincoln Middle School
Roberts Pre-K-8 School
Westside Academy at Blodgett

Elementary Schools
Bellevue Elementary School
Delaware Elementary School
Delaware Primary
Dr. King Elementary School
Dr. Weeks Elementary School
Franklin Elementary School
Hughes Elementary School
LeMoyne Elementary School
McKinley-Brighton Elementary School
Meachem Elementary School
Montessori at Lemoyne
Porter Elementary School
Salem Hyde Elementary School
Seymour Dual Language Academy
Syracuse Latin
Van Duyn Elementary School
Webster Elementary School

Syracuse City School District
Jaime Alicea, Superintendent

725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: 315.435.4499
The Syracuse City School District hereby advises students, parents, employees and the general public that it is committed to providing equal access to all categories of employment, programs and educational opportunities, including career and technical education opportunities, regardless of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, Native American ancestry/ethnicity, creed or religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or expression, disability or any other legally protected category under federal, state or local law. More info