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Name Location Job Title Phone Email Department
Wells, Jessica Syracuse Latin School Elementary Teacher 435-4606 JWells Syracuse Latin School
Wentling, Lorraine Dr. King Elementary School Teaching Assistant 435-4580 LWentling Dr King Elementary School
Wentworth, Kathleen Meachem Elementary School After-School Teacher 435-4610 KWentworth Meachem Elementary School
Wentworth, Tricia McKinley-Brighton Elem Sch Teaching Assistant 435-4660 TWentworth McKinley-Brighton Elem Sch
Wentworth, Valery Seymour Magnet Elementary Sch Elementary Teacher 435-4635 VWentworth Seymour Magnet Elementary Sch
West, Dwayne Bus Maintenance Facility Bus Attendant 435-4260 DWest Transportation
West, Dwayne Webster Elementary School School Recreation Aide 435-4260 DWest Webster Elementary School
Whaley, Clarice Henninger High School Teaching Assistant 435-4343 CWhaley Henninger High School
Whaley, Susan Frazer K-8 School English Teacher 435-4555 SWhaley Frazer K-8 School
Whatley, Sheldon Hughes Elementary School Teaching Assistant 435-4404 SWhatley Hughes Elementary School
Wheater, Courtney Bellevue Elementary School Elementary Teacher 435-4520 CWheater Bellevue Elementary School
Wheatley Jr, Stephen Central Office Personnel Specialist 435-4171 SWheatley Recruitment and Selection
Wheeler, Danielle Webster Elementary School Elementary Teacher 435-4670 DWheeler Webster Elementary School
Wheeler, Frederick Professional Development Ctr Physical Education Teacher 435-5160 FWheeler Educator Effectiveness
Wheeler, Randi Elmcrest School Psychologist 435-6244 RWheeler Elmcrest School
Wheeler, Rosalind Bus Maintenance Facility Bus Attendant 435-4260 RWheeler2 Transportation
Whelan, Beverly Nottingham High School Food Service Helper I 435-4380 BWhelan Food Service
Whelan, Marie Danforth Middle School Vice Principal 435-4154 MWhelan Danforth Middle School
Whelan, Sarah Frazer K-8 School Special Education Teacher 435-4555 SWhelan Frazer K-8 School
White, Deborah Huntington K-8 School Elementary Teacher 435-4580 DWhite Huntington K-8 School
White, Jennifer Corcoran High School Math Teacher 435-4321 JWhite2 Corcoran High School
White, Kelly Edward Smith K-8 School Special Education Teacher 435-4650 KWhite Edward Smith K-8 School
White, Margaret Central Office Typist II 435-4233 MWhite Special Education
White, P Roberts K-8 School Vice Principal 435-4635 PWhite Roberts K-8 School
White, Rhiannon Corcoran High School English Teacher 435-4321 RWhite Corcoran High School
White, Sherri Johnson Vocational Center Adult Education Teacher 435-4135 SWhite2 Johnson Vocational Center
White, Stacey Van Duyn Elementary School Special Education Teacher 435-4660 SWhite3 Van Duyn Elementary School
Whitford, Bonnie Hughes Elementary School Health Attendant 435-4404 BWhitford Hughes Elementary School
Whitney, Richard Central Office Teaching Assistant 435-4425 RWhitney Special Education
Whitney, Starr Webster Elementary School Teaching Assistant 435-4670 SWhitney Webster Elementary School
Widger, Kimberly Huntington K-8 School Food Service Helper I 435-4590 KWidger Food Service
Wiegand, Christina Dr. Weeks Elementary School Elementary Teacher 435-4171 CWiegand Dr Weeks Elementary School
Wiezalis, Alicia Salem Hyde Elementary School Elementary Teacher 435-4570 AWiezalis Salem Hyde Elementary School
Wigginson, Carlisa Beard School Teaching Assistant 435-5855 CWigginson McCarthy at Beard School
Wightman, Evelyn Shared Accountability Systems Analyst 435-6323 EWightman Shared Accountability
Wilber, Melissa Van Duyn Elementary School Teaching Assistant 435-4824 MWilber Universal Pre K
Wilensky, Marguerite Bellevue Elementary School Typist II 435-4520 MWilensky Bellevue Elementary School
Wilk, Rebecca Nottingham High School Science Teacher 435-4380 RWilk Nottingham High School
Wilkerson, Kristina Clary Middle School Teaching Assistant 435-4625 KWilkerson Clary Middle School
Wilkinson, Richard Frazer K-8 School Occupational Therapist I 435-4555 RWilkinson Frazer K-8 School
Wilkinson, Timothy School Service Center Carpenter 435-4245 TWilkinson Maintenance
Wilkowski, Rebecca PreK Psychologist 435-5480 RWilkowski Universal Pre K
Willard, Frederick Phoenix Center Music Teacher 435-6226 FWillard Middle School Alternative Prog
Williams, Amanda McKinley-Brighton Elem Sch Principal 435-4605 Awilliams11 McKinley-Brighton Elem Sch
Williams, Anne Central Office Attendance Assistant 435-4428 AWilliams4 Pupil Service
Williams, Anthony Henninger High School Vice Principal 435-4343 AWilliams2 Henninger High School
Williams, Carolyn Nottingham High School Information Aide 435-4380 CWilliams Nottingham High School
Williams, Corey Shared Accountability Data Analyst 435-4171 CWilliams3 Shared Accountability
Williams, David Salem Hyde Elementary School Custodial Worker I 435-4570 DWilliams Operations
Williams, Derrick Frazer K-8 School Teaching Assistant 435-4555 DWilliams2 Frazer K-8 School
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Sharon L. Contreras, Superintendent
Syracuse City School District

Central Offices
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: 315.435.4499

High Schools
Institute of Technology at Central
PSLA @ Fowler

Alternative Education Programs
Johnson Center/Adult Education
McCarthy @ Beard
MS Program @ Phoenix Ctr.

Middle & K-8 Schools
Clary Middle School
Ed Smith Pre-K-8 School
Expeditionary Learning Middle School
Grant Middle School
Huntington Pre-K-8 School
HW Smith Pre-K-8 School
Lincoln Middle School
Roberts Pre-K-8 School

Elementary Schools
Delaware Elementary School
Delaware Primary
Dr. King Elementary School
Dr. Weeks Elementary School
Franklin Elementary School
Hughes Elementary School
LeMoyne Elementary School
McKinley-Brighton Elementary School
Meachem Elementary School
Salem Hyde Elementary School
Syracuse Latin
Webster Elementary School

Innovation Zone Schools
Bellevue Elementary School
Danforth Middle School
Frazer K-8 School
Porter Elementary School
Seymour Dual Language Academy
Van Duyn Elementary School
Westside Academy at Blodgett

The Syracuse City School District hereby advises students, parents, employees and the general public that it is committed to providing equal access to all categories of employment, programs and educational opportunities, including career and technical education opportunities, regardless of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, Native American ancestry/ethnicity, creed or religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or expression, disability or any other legally protected category under federal, state or local law.More info