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Name Location Job Title Phone Email Department
Strzelecki, Gary Support Services Carpenter 435-4245 GStrzelecki Maintenance
Stuetzle, Julie Edward Smith K-8 School Music Teacher 435-4650 JStuetzle Edward Smith K-8 School
Stultz, Cynthia Syracuse Latin School Teaching Assistant 435-4404 CStultz Syracuse Latin School
Stultz, Tomoko LeMoyne Elementary School Teaching Assistant 435-4590 TStultz Universal Pre K
Stupp, Lindsey Grant Middle School Music Teacher 435-4433 LStupp Grant Middle School
Style, Lylee Roberts K-8 School ENL Teacher 435-4635 LStyle Roberts K-8 School
Suarez, Christian Delaware Primary School Special Education Teacher 435-4540 CSuarez Special Education
Suarez, Maria Delaware Primary School Teaching Assistant 435-4614 MSuarez Universal Pre K
Sudmyer, Nancy Henninger High School Psychologist 435-4297 NSudmyer Nottingham High School
Sudmyer, Nancy Nottingham High School Psychologist 435-4297 NSudmyer Nottingham High School
Sugamele, Melissa Franklin Elementary School Elementary Teacher (AIS/MCL) 435-4550 MSugamele Franklin Elementary School
Sullivan, Margaret McKinley-Brighton Elem School Elementary Teacher 435-4605 MSullivan McKinley-Brighton Elem Sch
Sullivan, Maria Nottingham High School English Teacher 435-4376 MSullivan3 Nottingham High School
Sullivan, Maryellen HW Smith K-8 School Elementary Teacher 435-4490 MSullivan2 H.W. Smith K-8 School
Sun, Yueming Office Shared Accountability Data Analyst 435-4281 YSun Shared Accountability
Suslovic, Joyce Henninger High School Social Studies Teacher 435-4343 JSuslovic Henninger High School
Sutliffe, Marilyn Webster Elementary School Food Service Helper I 435-4670 MSutliffe Food Service
Sutphin, Lisa Instruction Curriculum Develop Typist I 435-5855 LSutphin Universal Pre K
Sutton, Melissa Dr King Elementary School Art Teacher 435-4580 MSutton Dr King Elementary School
Sutton, Michael Delaware Academy School Custodian IB (Asst) 435-4670 MSutton2 Operations
Swan, Mae Clary Middle School Food Service Helper I 435-4207 MSwan Food Service
Swanson, Erik Roberts K-8 School Elementary Teacher 435-4645 ESwanson2 Roberts K-8 School
Swartfager, Shawn Van Duyn Elementary School School Sentry 425-4670 SSwartfager Security Dept
Swedowski, David McKinley-Brighton Elem School Teaching Assistant 435-4171 DSwedowski Special Education TAs
Sweeney, Gregory Institute of Technology Math Teacher 435-4376 GSweeney Institute of Technology
Sweeney, Lauren Salem Hyde Elementary School Elementary Teacher (AIS) 435-4570 LSweeney3 Salem Hyde Elementary School
Sweeney, Laurie Edward Smith K-8 School Elementary Teacher 435-4650 LSweeney Edward Smith K-8 School
Sweeney, Maureen Instruction Curriculum Develop Professional Development Liais 435-4244 MSweeney Curriculum & Instruction
Sweet, Jody Webster Elementary School Music Teacher 435-4590 JSweet Webster Elementary School
Swenson, Elisabeth Office of Human Resources PAR Consultant 472-6374 ESwenson Peer Assistance Review
Swierk, Karen Franklin Elementary School Elementary Teacher 435-4520 KTrendowski Franklin Elementary School
Swierk, Teresa Fowler High School Cook In Training 435-4207 TSwierk Food Service
Synakowski, Robert HW Smith K-8 School ENL Teacher 435-4490 RSynakowski H.W. Smith K-8 School
Szelewski, Peter Public Svc Leadership Academy Teaching Assistant 435-4171 PSzelewski Special Education TAs
Szewczyk, Brandy Institute of Technology English Teacher 435-4300 BSzewczyk Institute of Technology
Szymanoski, John Support Services Carpenter 435-4226 JSzymanoski Maintenance
Szymanoski, Rhonda McCarthy at Beard School Teaching Assistant 435-4386 RSzymanoski Special Education TAs
Tabolt, Nicole Frazer K-8 School ENL Teacher 435-4555 NTabolt Frazer K-8 School
Tabor, Margaret Dr King Elementary School Elementary Teacher 435-4580 MTabor Dr King Elementary School
Tack, Carol Delaware Academy School School Recreation Aide 435-4540 CTack Delaware Academy School
Taddeo, Katherine Lincoln Middle School Library/Media Specialist 435-4450 KTaddeo2 Lincoln Middle School
Tadros, Robert Public Svc Leadership Academy Computer Forensics CTE Teacher 435-4376 RTadros Public Svc Leadership Academy
Taggart, Marilyn Edward Smith K-8 School Teaching Assistant 435-5855 MTaggart Edward Smith K-8 School
Tait, Sharon Porter Elementary School Special Education Teacher 435-4625 STait Special Education
Talarico, Anthony Grant Middle School Special Education Teacher 435-4433 ATalarico Special Education
Tallman, Darlene Henninger High School English Teacher 435-4343 DTallman Henninger High School
Tamblin, Kimberly Hughes Elementary School Speech & Hearing Impaired 317-3272 KTamblin Universal Pre K
Tancredi, Brenda Huntington K-8 School Teaching Assistant 435-4565 BTancredi Huntington K-8 School
Tanner, Susan Instruction Curriculum Develop Administrative Assistant 435-4964 STanner High Schools and CTE
Tantillo, David Instruction Curriculum Develop Special Education Teacher 435-4343 DTantillo Public Safety Building
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High Schools
Institute of Technology at Central
PSLA @ Fowler

Alternative Education Programs
Johnson Center/Adult Education
McCarthy @ Beard
MS Program @ Shea

Middle & K-8 Schools
Clary Middle School
Danforth Middle School
Ed Smith Pre-K-8 School
Expeditionary Learning Middle School
Frazer Pre-K-8 School
Grant Middle School
Huntington Pre-K-8 School
HW Smith Pre-K-8 School
Lincoln Middle School
Roberts Pre-K-8 School
Westside Academy at Blodgett

Elementary Schools
Bellevue Elementary School
Delaware Elementary School
Delaware Primary
Dr. King Elementary School
Dr. Weeks Elementary School
Franklin Elementary School
Hughes Elementary School
LeMoyne Elementary School
McKinley-Brighton Elementary School
Meachem Elementary School
Montessori at Lemoyne
Porter Elementary School
Salem Hyde Elementary School
Seymour Dual Language Academy
Syracuse Latin
Van Duyn Elementary School
Webster Elementary School

Syracuse City School District
Jaime Alicea, Interim Superintendent

725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: 315.435.4499
The Syracuse City School District hereby advises students, parents, employees and the general public that it is committed to providing equal access to all categories of employment, programs and educational opportunities, including career and technical education opportunities, regardless of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, Native American ancestry/ethnicity, creed or religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or expression, disability or any other legally protected category under federal, state or local law. More info