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Name Location Job Title Phone Email Department
Stathis, Hannah Delaware Academy School Art Teacher 435-4540 HStathis Delaware Academy School
Staub, Alissa Nottingham High School Physical Education Teacher 435-4380 astaub Nottingham High School
Staub, Janet Instruction Curriculum Develop ENL Teacher 435-4927 JStaub English As a Second Language
Stauber, Michelle Office of Human Resources Personnel Specialist 435-4175 MStauber Risk Management (Workers Comp)
Stazzone, Raymond Office Shared Accountability Coordinator of Data Management 435-6241 RStazzone Shared Accountability
Stec, Megan Westside Academy at Blodgett Special Education Teacher 435-4386 MStec Special Education
Steinberg, Tammy Office of Human Resources Personnel Specialist 435-4171 TSteinberg Employee Services
Steiner, Lauren Instruction Curriculum Develop Educational Specialist 435-4425 LSteiner Special Education
Steinhardt, Eileen Board of Education School District Clerk 435-4691 ESteinhardt Board of Education
Stephens, Lydia HW Smith K-8 School School Recreation Aide 435-4490 LStephens2 H.W. Smith K-8 School
Sterbank, Joseph Grant Middle School Math Teacher (MCL) 435-4411 JSterbank Grant Middle School
Steria, Elizabeth Lincoln Middle School ENL Teacher 435-4450 ESteria Lincoln Middle School
Steria, Paula Dr King Elementary School Special Education Teacher 435-4580 PSteria Special Education
Sterio, Brooke Roberts K-8 School Social Studies Teacher 435-4635 BSterio Roberts K-8 School
Sterpe, Peter Nottingham High School Social Studies Teacher 435-4380 PSterpe Nottingham High School
Steuerwalt, Benjamin Public Svc Leadership Academy Physical Education Teacher 435-4605 BSteuerwalt Huntington K-8 School
Steuerwalt, Benjamin Instruction Curriculum Develop Physical Education Teacher 435-4605 BSteuerwalt Huntington K-8 School
Steuerwalt, Benjamin Huntington K-8 School Physical Education Teacher 435-4605 BSteuerwalt Huntington K-8 School
Stevens, Cristina Edward Smith K-8 School Health Teacher 435-4650 CStevens2 H.W. Smith K-8 School
Stevens, Cristina HW Smith K-8 School Health Teacher 435-4650 CStevens2 H.W. Smith K-8 School
Stevens, Leona Nottingham High School Teaching Assistant 435-4380 LStevens Special Education TAs
Stevens, Maria Edward Smith K-8 School Teaching Assistant 435-4650 MStevens2 Special Education TAs
Stevens, Melanie Henninger High School Science Teacher 435-4535 MStevens Henninger High School
Steves, Amanda Henninger High School ENL Teacher 435-4171 ASteves Henninger High School
Stewart, Chasity Huntington K-8 School PreK Teacher 435-5855 CAppleton Universal Pre K
Stewart, Justin Edward Smith K-8 School Physical Education Teacher 435-4171 JStewart3 Edward Smith K-8 School
Stewart, Justin Nottingham High School Physical Education Teacher 435-4171 JStewart3 Edward Smith K-8 School
Stewart, Michael Frazer K-8 School Custodial Worker I 435-4386 MStewart Operations
Stewart, Michelle Frazer K-8 School Social Work Assistant 435-4555 MStewart2 Frazer K-8 School
Stilwell, Paula Office of Human Resources Personnel Administrator 435-4099 PStilwell Recruitment and Selection
Stimson, Michael Elmcrest School Special Education Teacher 435-4171 MStimson Elmcrest School
Stock, Kathleen Westside Academy at Blodgett Science Teacher 435-4386 KStock Westside Academy at Blodgett
Stogsdill, Timothy Edward Smith K-8 School Elementary Teacher 435-4650 TStogsdill Edward Smith K-8 School
Stokes, Godfrey Office of Human Resources Resident Intern 435-4171 GStokes Sub Positions
Stokes, Lisa Dr Weeks Elementary School Food Service Helper I 435-6000 x5567 LStokes Food Service
Stoll, Derek Expeditionary Learning Middle Elementary Teacher 435-6416 DStoll Expeditionary Learning Ms
Stone, Karen Edward Smith K-8 School Food Service Helper I 435-6252 KStone Food Service
Stone, Meredith Frazer K-8 School Health Teacher 435-4555 MStone Frazer K-8 School
Stonecipher, Allan Office Shared Accountability Computer Repair Technician II 435-4281 AStonecipher Shared Accountability
Stoner, Patrick Dr Weeks Elementary School PreK Teacher 435-4645 PStoner Universal Pre K
Storinge, Eugene Clary Middle School Health Attendant 435-4411 EStoringe Clary Middle School
Strack, Andrew Dr King Elementary School Elementary Teacher 435-4171 AStrack Dr King Elementary School
Stratton, Catherine Bellevue Elementary School Elementary Teacher (MCL) 435-4645 CStratton Bellevue Elementary School
Stratton, Jennifer Henninger High School Science Teacher 435-4343 JStratton Henninger High School
Straub, Daniel Corcoran High School Vice Principal 435-4332 DStraub Corcoran High School
Straub, Sasha Corcoran High School Information Aide 435-4321 SStraub Corcoran High School
Straub, Thomas McKinley-Brighton Elem School Physical Education Teacher 435-6000 x2533 TStraub McKinley-Brighton Elem Sch
Street, Cheryl Clary Middle School Food Service Helper I 435-5398 CStreet Food Service
Streiff, Mark Public Svc Leadership Academy Special Education Teacher 435-4555 MStreiff Special Education
Stroman, Cicero Middle School Alternative Prog Teaching Assistant 435-4555 CStroman Middle School Alternative Prog
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High Schools
Institute of Technology at Central
PSLA @ Fowler

Alternative Education Programs
CORE K-8 @ Elmwood
Johnson Center/Adult Education
McCarthy @ Beard

Middle & K-8 Schools
Clary Middle School
Danforth Middle School
Ed Smith Pre-K-8 School
Expeditionary Learning Middle School
Frazer Pre-K-8 School
Grant Middle School
Huntington Pre-K-8 School
HW Smith Pre-K-8 School
Lincoln Middle School
Roberts Pre-K-8 School
Westside Academy at Blodgett

Elementary Schools
Bellevue Elementary School
Delaware Elementary School
Delaware Primary
Dr. King Elementary School
Dr. Weeks Elementary School
Franklin Elementary School
Hughes Elementary School
LeMoyne Elementary School
McKinley-Brighton Elementary School
Meachem Elementary School
Montessori at Lemoyne
Porter Elementary School
Salem Hyde Elementary School
Seymour Dual Language Academy
Syracuse Latin
Van Duyn Elementary School
Webster Elementary School

Syracuse City School District
Jaime Alicea, Superintendent

725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: 315.435.4499
The Syracuse City School District hereby advises students, parents, employees and the general public that it is committed to providing equal access to all categories of employment, programs and educational opportunities, including career and technical education opportunities, regardless of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, Native American ancestry/ethnicity, creed or religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or expression, disability or any other legally protected category under federal, state or local law. More info