Superintendent's Parent Council - Meeting Minutes - January 2020

Superintendent’s Parent Council
January 21, 2020
6:30 - 8:00 pm
Seymour Elementary, 108 Shonnard St.
Meeting called by Jaime Alicea, Superintendent
Attendees: SPC Members
6:30 pm                               Welcome                                             Superintendent Alicea
6:35 - 7:15 pm                   Graduation Measures                    Assistant Superintendent Franz
7:15 - 8:00 pm                   Open School Discussion                 Supt. Alicea/SPC Members
Seymour is where journey began for Supt. (TA)
Graduation Measures in NYS – Regional Workgroup Meeting to take place on Feb 27th
SCSD graduation rates are up two points from last year to 64.5%
Graduation Measures - Assistant Supt. Franz:
  • NYS is reinventing the way they measure graduation and what it will take to graduate from a NYS school
  • We are looking at what other states are doing.
  • What type of experiences students should have (coming out of high school)
  • Chancellor of Board of Regents--committed to rethinking NYS’s graduation measures.
  • Creating Blue Ribbon Commission to review the states HS graduation measures and reaffirm what it means to obtain a diploma in NYS
  • Every student succeeds act (in place of no child left behind)
Blue Ribbon Commission on Graduation Measures:
  • Goal: to undertake a thoughtful and inclusive process to
  • Right now we’re in Phase 1:
    • Information gathering and learning, regional workshops, review of research and practices in other states, compile regional and stakeholder feedback on guiding questions
  • Phase II: Blue Ribbon Commission: meets/develops recommendations
  • Phase III: Regents Discussions: board of regents presentation and policy discussion
  • Process to begin April
  • Entire process should be complete by winter 2020
Current NYS diploma requirements:
  • Meet credit and assessment requirements: credits and exams are kept separate
  • Must pass 4 required assessments (one in ea discipline): English, Math, Science, Social Studies, plus 1 pathways: STEM, Humanities, Arts, LOTE, CTE, CDOS (4 + 1 plan) Meet credit and assessment requirements: credits and exams are kept separate
  • Discussed the 3 different types of diplomas and the requirements for each: Local, Regents, Regents with advanced designation
  • Discussed Seals & Endorsements for each type of diploma
We are seeing more students are graduating with advanced designations
Discussed exiting credentials that are not diplomas: skills and achievement commencement credentials Students with a disability are assessed using the NYS alternative assessment
Group Discussions - Stakeholder feedback on Five Guiding Questions (Phase 1):
  1. What do we want students to know and to be able to do before they graduate?
  2. How do we want students to demonstrate such knowledge and skills?
  3. How do you measure learning and achievement (as it pertains to the answers to #2 above) to ensure they are indicators of high school completion?
  4. How can measures of achievement accurately reflect the skills and knowledge of our special populations, such as students with disabilities and English language learners? (more performance-based assessments)
  5. What course requirements or examinations will ensure that students are prepared for college and careers or civic engagement? (me: internships/volunteer credits/organization participation)
Some examples of the group’s “Big Ideas”:
  • Expect excellence
  • Keeping a portfolio through high school
  • Creating a centralized career center
  • Communication skills/critical thinking/writing/speaking skills
  • Finding/leveraging students likes/needs/interests
  • Personal cultural focus
Supt. Alicea - Closing Remarks
Reminder - CTE fair @ PSLA Wed and Thur bringing 7th and 8th graders, parents welcome to attend
News from SPC – Each representative went over highlights at their respective schools
SPC Meeting dates/locations:
Mar 17: Bellevue 
Apr 21: Frazer 
May 19: Franklin