Why Should I? Wednesday | April 1, 2020

     Published on 3/26/20   Tagged under:    District News   

Own Your Actions

“It’s not my fault!” “She did it first!” These are just excuses, which stop us from taking responsibility for something we did, or should have done. But, part of being a responsible member of your family and your community is to own your actions.  Follow the link below to learn about three things you can do to begin taking responsibility for your actions:


As an activity, write about or talk about a time that you may have made an excuse for a choice you made.  Think about it: what could you have done differently or how did you change your behavior and own your actions?


Daily Social Emotional Learning Tips

Check the Syracuse City School District website daily for more Social Emotional Learning tips.

Why Should I? Wednesdays: Our kids are influenced every day at home, in their communities, and in media.  Peer pressure can exert a powerful influence because friends play such a significant role in the lives of our children. Teens begin to question the authority of parents, schools, government, and other traditional institutions.  Their ability to think abstractly allows them to establish their own identity, to include their own belief system.  Engaging our youth in discussions about moral reasoning can guide the development of their values and decision-making skills.  It can also allow them to show off a different perspective to a dilemma, one which you may not have considered. 

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