Social Emotional Learning Tips | Week 5/11

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Mindfulness Monday: Mindful Listening  

Sometimes there is so much going on, both inside and outside of our minds and bodies, that it can seem really difficult to focus and remain calm.  It can be helpful to practice focusing on just one thing at a time to manage these overwhelming experiences.  This activity can help by practicing listening to a specific sound very carefully.
Prepare by finding a bell, a chime, or an app on your phone that makes a bell sound.  Sit in a relaxed position, resting your hands on knees or at sides. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the bell Try to focus only on the sound, and see if you can pinpoint when the sound completely fades away.  Open your eyes when they think the sound is gone.
Was this easy or difficult for you to do? Did you get distracted while listening to the bell? How did your body feel? Remember there is no “right” answer, and a big part of mindfulness is welcoming ALL of our experiences.  Try it again, and see if your experience is different!

Tune In Tuesday: Getting Along with Others 

Howard Wigglebottom is a bunny that struggled to understand why his friends did not want him at a picnic party.  Check out the video clip below:

Discuss with your family: Why did Howard’s friends not want him at the party? What are some lessons Howard needed to learn about friendship?  Have you ever been in a situation like this with your friends?

Why Should I? Wednesday: Would you Rather?

This is a great way to connect and talk with kids and have fun at the same time.  Kids may not even realize they are connecting with their parents too. Would you rather questions  can turn this time we are staying at home into a fun family activity that will have everyone laughing. 
Each question gives you a choice of two things.  Everyone says which things they would rather do and why. These questions can be about ANYTHING.  It’s also fun to have people make up their own would you rather questions.
Here are a few ideas you can start:

  • Would you rather be a police officer or fire fighter?
  • Would you rather read books or write stories?
  • Would you rather have a puppy or a kitten?
  • Would you rather be a lion or a tiger?
  • Would you rather be a pilot or a pirate?
  • Would you rather play baseball or soccer?
  • Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
  • Would you rather eat ice cream or cake?
  • Would you rather travel to the future or the past?
  • You can expand on the would you rather by asking questions like what flavor ice cream would you eat? What position would you want to play in soccer?
  • Asking your child questions about their answers will get them thinking about all the things that can go into the decision making process.

Thoughtful Thursday: 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Listen to Kid President talk about 20 things we should say more often:

Today try to incorporate as many of those kind words into your conversations as you can! When you speak to others the way you would want to be spoken to, it not only makes others feel good, but it also makes you feel good too!

Family Fun Friday: Alligator Alley

This is both a fun and active game to play with the family inside. You can scatter some “islands” or “boats” across the floor (use pillows, stuffed animals, books, couch cushions, etc.) and then have the children jump from one to the next without falling into the “water” and risk being eaten by a “hungry alligator”. For each game you can chose who will play the said “hungry alligator” and chomps or tickles after them when they stumble! Have fun with this one!


Social Emotional Learning Survey

The Syracuse City School District Office of Student Support Services is asking for all families to provide feedback about social and emotional learning, which is more important now than ever as we have shifted to distance learning. Please click here to learn more!

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