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Frazer Students Serve as School’s Morning News Team

This is a photo of five Frazer students standing in a line in front of a chalkboard, all wearing matching orange Frazer tshirts.“Be kind, be respectful, and be present in everything that you do! It's a great day to be at the Frazer Frontier!"
Each morning, the Frazer Morning News Show ends with its student leaders saying this in unison. The show, which is broadcast live via Microsoft Teams, is intended to serve as the school’s daily announcements. Led by 7th and 8th graders, the news show features slides, messaging, and shout-outs to engage the school community. There’s even a daily riddle to challenge the school community!
“People get inspired by what we’re doing,” eighth grade student Mohamed Alghazeer said. “We’re the first student group to do this, so we’re honored. And it helps boost our confidence and public speaking skills!”
Rotating through different roles weekly, the students serve as host, reading the Pledge of Allegiance and Frazer Creed, lunches, weather, good news, and health. An administrator joins to share a motivation for students. Students can request that the team includes shout-outs for their friends, or announcements about their clubs and activities, including the Anti-Bullying Club, Building Men, and more.
For some, being part of the News Team has helped give them a glimpse of their future career.
“I’m interested in the Media Communications program [at ITC],” eighth grader Aphone Shin said. “This has helped me experience that field so I know more before I enter that program. I like being part of a newscast and being a reporter! I like being a photographer. I like making films, so I may want to be a film director one day. The kids on my bus say they’ve seen me on the news… they know us! We’re really interactive with students and staff… it helps us bond as a school and make the younger kids excited about this club!”
“I might want to be a Tech Engineer or a sports reporter,” seventh grader Demetrius Williams shared. “Being part of the News Team is helping me get better at things and look at different career options. I like that the school is giving students a voice and is celebrating us for who we are and what we can be in the future. And you can tell that the younger students look up to us. It makes me happy to see my younger siblings and others look at me and smile… I like trying to be a good leader.”
In May, the News Team traveled to Syracuse University to experience the Newhouse Media Literacy Day. They were able to tour Newhouse, participate in a mini media workshop and have lunch at SU – getting an inside look at media production, how to use a green screen, and more.
“So far, this experience has been positive and fun,” 7th grade Math teacher and news show advisor JaQuez Gillard said. “The students are always excited and ready to present the news, and the teachers throughout the building make sure to tune in every morning so their students can see the show.
“The students are all learning 'soft skills', such as basic communications, organizing, working as a team, public speaking and the opportunity to develop individually and come out of their shells,” School Counselor Andrea Riley added. “Teachers have expressed how proud they are to see the positivity and growth with the students hosting and involved with the show. The visual of students and administration working together on the show has helped the entire school feel more connected. Everyone sees the same thing, hears the same messaging and even gets their day started with the same tune!”
We’re proud of these Frazer student leaders for playing an important role in their school’s communications!
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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