Westside Academy at Blodgett Homework

1.  Westside Academy at Blodgett's eChalk Page

To make finding the daily homework for WSA students easier to access for you and your child we created a WSA eChalk page. To see your child's daily assignments please click on the WSA eChalk link below.  Make sure to use the class directory to look up the teachers your child has during the school day.

This is the link to the WSA eChalk link :  http://westside-academy-at-blodgett.echalksites.com/home_page

2. The Vocabulary Project

Last year our students made gains in both Math and ELA.  Our goal is to continue this positive trend and one way to achieve this is to increase our students' content and academic vocabularies.  This is why we are implementing the vocabulary project which will take place throughout the school year.  There are tabs on the left side of the WSA district page for you to see the vocabulary list for each grade level.

Since this is a project students should be creative and neat when representing the vocabulary words.  The words can be complied into a dictionary or ABC book.  The required components for each word are as follows:

1.One meaningful sentence or question
2.A visual representation or picture
3.The translation of the word in another language
4.The synonym or antonym of the word
Your child will be given time during their daily Intervention class weekly to work on their vocabulary project. However, the majority of the work will be happening at home. A possible structure for children at home is to work on at least five words per weeknight. 

Here are some online resources that students can use to find the vocabulary words.

1. Merriam-Webster Unabridged dictionary - http://http://unabridged.merriam-webster.com/
    (Since this is a district paid resource it might need a username and a password.  If so the username is syrsls and the password is       syrsls.)

2. Kids.Wordsmyth - https://kids.wordsmyth.net/we/

3. Word Central - http://www.wordcentral.com/

3.  Million Word Challenge 

The "Million Word Challenge" is a literacy movement WSA is implementing to increase the amount that students read.  The goal is to have students read one million words independently by the end of the school year.  This is achievable if students read independently both at school and at home.

At school there will be time dedicated to independent reading during CREW (homeroom), Intervention and ELA classes.  Along with the reading students are to complete comprehension graphic organizers and share out about what they are reading.  Students will also be tracking their words and/or minutes during CREW on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Although students will have independent reading times at school they also need to read at home for them to achieve their goals of one million words.  The goal is that they read independently for 20 minutes a night and seven days a week.  It is recommended that middle school students read 25 chapter books during the year.  To help keep track of the word count you can use the site Word Count Assistance at http://www.arbookfind.com/default.aspx

A printable reading log and word tracking graphic organizer are available below.